Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Teal-ightful Discoveries 11.17.10

Take a peek at some of the Teal-ightful Discoveries from my teammates, blog readers, friends and fellow crafters! They're all so great - can you even pick a favorite?

How about these Teal-iriously fun prints!

These beauties are definitely tan-Teal-izing!

These, well these are just Beau-TEAL-ful!

Teal Modern Abstract Art 3 Tier Handpainted Enamel Pendant And Earrings from Ruonan
Hand Painted Wooden Bangle Bracelet - Large - Simply Teal from paintingfromtheheart
Exotic Teal Flower Earrings by PruittDesign

Teal is definitely one of my all-time favorite colors - and if it's one of yours, I know you've found at least a couple things you love here, and if it wasn't one of your favorite colors when you started reading this post, I hope it is now!

Tomorrow I'm posting a showcase of wonderful vintage wonders - some are antiques, some are collectibles, others are just reminders of fun times gone by. I hope you'll stop by to take a peek and see what stirs a warm and fun-filled memory for you! If you have anything you'd like to share that fits this category, be sure to send it to me here for an opportunity to be included!

Happy Wednesday to everyone!


randomcreative said...

Beautiful! I never get tired of teal. :)

Tippy said...

Wonderful collection! Thank you so much for including m teal bag here. :D

Leta Porter said...

Thank You so much for including my Earrings. Everything you have found is just Beautiful!!

Jennifer said...

Thank you for including us.

Linda Pruitt said...

Thanks for including my exotic flower earrings!!! I love teal too!

Ann said...

Thanks so very much for including my teal embossed pottery plater.

I loved your choices so much that I bought the stained glass heart.

Denise said...

Thanks for including my seaglass necklace! You have such an eye for beautiful things - love Leta's earrings and the stained glass heart :) JOYful D*Sign

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