Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Delightful Discoveries - And To Top It Off! 11.16.10

Hair is considered a woman's crowning glory, so it's no surprise that we are always on the outlook for new ways to adorn our locks and bring attention to them - and if what we find has a function, all the better! Our little girls learn their love of adorning their hair from the way moms and grandmas dress them up, and even men try to a achieve a certain look in their choices of hairstyles and head coverings. I think I've pretty much covered all of these in this article - but since there are tens of thousands of hair and head adornments out there, feel free to use this as a starting point for what you can find out there!


Titania's Dream Faery Hair Vine from Thyme2dream
Oh Zebra - Stacked Boutique Bow Shocking Pink-Zebra - Size Large by RetroPoshBowsnTutus**
Fabric Flower Hair Fork Hana Tsumami Kanzashi Red Gold by KanzashiHime


Boppy Band with detachable Bow -- Cranberry from boppybeanies
Wooden Hair Ornament Red Long Hair Natural Feminine from janadebra
Gray bearded stocking hat from taraduff


Sweet N Sassy...

Seven Days of Princesses Ponytail Holder Hair Tie Set of 8
from gracebows
Ruby Hair Clips, Flower, Velvet, Rhinestone by EdensAngels**
You're a Crazy Cat Lady - Brown Tan Tabby Kitty Pet - Hairclip from UglyUnicorn

Decidedly Unique...

Quite the collection, isn't it? Do you have a favorite? Which one? Why? I'm just curious!

Tomorrow I'm taking a break from the themes for a return to color - and the color of the day is an appealing rich teal. As always if you have something you'd love to see shared from your shop or your favorites, just send me the link by clicking here to send me the link to the listing! I'd love to have the opportunity to help you promote your shop!

Lots to do this evening since this Grandma is babysitting tomorrow - wish me luck and well behaved kids! (But then I always think they're great!) See you tomorrow with my next feature! Have a great evening today :)

**designates an undiscovered or underdiscovered shop!


Thyme2dream said...

What fun! Thank you for including my hair vine:)

Jennifer said...

Great picks, I love the variety! *goes off to browse among the lovely sundries...*

Elizabeth Kay said...

Yay for Blog love! Great items :) Thanks a bunch for including me

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