Friday, September 24, 2010

Marriage - The Final Frontier

I missed doing the blog carnival post that I really wanted to do for my Etsybloggers team activity earlier this month, so this post is on the topic that was available for the second blog carnival - weddings! I was a little hesitant to take part in this carnival because, and for those of you who know me better or have been following this blog closely, you may know that my last wedding wasn't exactly your run-of-the-mill wedding. So, before I begin, you have to promise to chuckle at the least and hopefully belly-laugh out loud when you see the wedding photos I'm sharing with you.

Al (my DH) and I were married on April Fools' Day a few years ago at the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas, Nevada. Why that day and why there? Pretty much simply because we could. Although we both love Star Trek, we're not Trekkers (or Trekkies, if you prefer) in the truest sense of the word. We wanted something a little offbeat - and since it was the first time our parents and extended families were meeting not only each other but us as well, we thought it might be safest to keep everyone a little "off balance"!

So, I whipped up some invitations and RSVP cards and sent them out...

and spent a solid month working on our "wedding attire"... and table decorations... and wedding vows... and all of the other planning that comes with the big day.

Oh, did I mention that costumes were "strongly suggested"? Meaning everyone was expected to show up in an appropriate one! And show up they did... from my 2 week old grandson and 11 month old granddaughter in their star fleet best to my 82 year old mother in her extra-terrestrial finery, all of our guests were competing with the hotel exhibit staff for their place in wedding photo history. My oldest looked so "official" in his TNG uniform that hotel guests kept asking him for directions and information about the exhibit! (clicking on these pictures will take you to larger versions for more detail!)

(Taken "on the bridge of the Enterprise")
Top Left (my younger son, Al's daughter, Al, me, Al's oldest son, my daughter, my oldest son. Al's younger son was sick with mono and couldn't attend, unfortunately)
Top Right (some of the hotel staff, Al's dad, Al and me, Al's mom, more hotel staff, and my mom (in the wheelchair)
Bottom (my younger son and his family, Al, me, my daughter, my oldest son and his family)
(we didn't post the rest of the family because I'm not sure they wouldn't kill us!)

After exchanging vows and rings, we hung around for photos and then headed down to Quark's bar where our celebration would continue with dinner, wedding toasts, and of course, cake! (which we served to each other in the traditional manner...hehehe!)

Despite our families' initial inquiries as to the state of our mental health when we first approached them with the plans for our wedding, everyone came away after the fact saying it was one of the best, and certainly most memorable, weddings they had ever attended. Even the hotel staff who joined us commented on how much they enjoyed everything about it - especially the fact that everyone participated in costume! We did attempt to sell Al's daughter to the Ferengi trader, the Borg kept sneaking up behind our other guests and startling them, and Al's Andorian son got along quite well with the Andorian character actor. The hardest thing was getting the female Klingon warrior to accept Al's marriage to a mere Ramuran (totally against the Klingon code, you know).

I must admit that the trip back to our hotel (we were staying at the Orleans) was quite amusing for us. As we drove back (still in our costumes), we were greeted with many people flashing the "live long and prosper" sign from the street, and getting a lot of double-takes from the casino guests as we walked through the casino to the hotel elevators. You have to remember it was about 1 am at that point, so you can imagine how many people swore off drinking that night after seeing a group of aliens walking by! I AM still concerned about the well-being of the woman stepping off the elevator to come face-to-face with my Klingon-garbed new husband and his blue-skinned progeny!

So, there you have the story of my less-than-average wedding. Do you have a story you'd like to share about your own wedding? I'd love to hear it!

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Have a great weekend!


niftyknits said...

Oh this is brilliant - thank you! I wish I had a story to tell - my wedding was very low budget and 30 years ago. If only the internet had been part of our lives at that time it could have been so very different...cos we married on 19th September - and as I'm SURE you all know, it's "Talk like a pirate day"! Can you imagine?

Very Verdant said...

What a cool wedding. My husband would never have gone for that...he can not understand anything SciFi. Poor thing...I love him anyway! ;0) Ours was a simple and beautiful traditional wedding nearly 17 years ago. It was wonderful and I love seeing other peoples weddings and feeling the love that surrounds the whole event.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

What fun everyone must have had!!! This may be the best wedding story I've heard :)

mysticwynd said...

We considered either a medieval wedding or a toga wedding too... but the Hilton had the best wedding package and knowing our families, the Star Trek theme really was the best! Glad you liked the post!

Victoria said...

This is hilarious!! Almost every line of your invitation made me chuckle. I don't think we could get married Star Trek style but we are fairly big Trekker nerds so I definitely appreciate it. :) Great story, I enjoyed reading this post!!

TiLT said...

Ok - that wedding ranks up there as one of the best I have heard of! How fun! I love that everyone participated. Awesome pics too :)

Anitra Cameron said...

How fun! I love that all the participants showed up in costume. That takes some guts and a lot of playful attitude, and it's Wonderful that they had it. And you made an awesome couple, too!

Splendid Little Stars said...

Now that is one awesome wedding! No one will ever forget it! It sounds like a blast!

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