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Delightful Discoveries - Luck of the Dice 09.25.10

The Gambler

On a warm summer's evenin' on a train bound for nowhere
I met up with the gambler, we were both too tired to sleep.
So we took turns a starin' out the window at the darkness
'Til boredom overtook us and he began to speak.

He said, "Son, I've made a life, out of readin' people's faces
And knowin' what their cards were by the way they held their eyes.
So if you don't mind my sayin', I can see you're out of aces
For a taste of your whiskey I'll give you some advice."

So I handed him my bottle and he drank down my last swallow.
Then he bummed a cigarette and asked me for a light
And the night got deathly quiet and his face lost all expression
Said, "If you're gonna play the game, boy, you gotta learn to play it right."

You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em
Know when to walk away and know when to run
You never count your money when you're sittin' at the table
There'll be time enough for countin' when the dealing's done

Every gambler knows that the secret to survivin'
Is knowin' what to throw away and knowing what to keep
'Cause every hand's a winner and every hand's a loser
And the best that you can hope for is to die in your sleep

And when he finished speakin', he turned back towards the window
Crushed out his cigarette and faded off to sleep
And somewhere in the darkness the gambler, he broke even
But in his final words I found an ace that I could keep

You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em
Know when to walk away and know when to run
You never count your money when you're sittin' at the table
There'll be time enough for countin' when the dealing's done.

That song and the subsequent movie were big hits for country superstar Kenny Rogers a while back... and there's some good advice in those lyrics. While luck plays somewhat of a role in any game, winning or losing often depends on knowing when to play that card, or buy that property, or raise the ante. Some people are very adept when it comes to reading an opponent's face, and others are very good at bluffing. And when it comes to games of chance, knowing when to change your strategy or even walk away is often the key to coming out ahead of the game.

It's fun to take part in friendly games of poker, or bunco, or bridge... and I enjoy the opportunities I've had to go to Las Vegas and do a little bit of gambling on the slots while Al tries his luck at the craps table. Do we win all the time? Of course not, but we're ahead of the house :)

As my last feature this week on games and toys and collectibles, I'd like to present some of the items I found that will make your games of chance a little more fun!!

(l-r, top to bottom)
Vintage Gambling For The Beginner Las Vegas Style How To Do Book from VintageBookNook
Seven Vintage Lotto Keno Game Cards- All Different from ItsyBitsandPieces
Vintage 1964 GOREN'S BRIDGE FOR TWO Unused Game from violetsandgrace
Game Box by walnutcreekdesigns
50 Las Vegas Casino Poker Chips Red Green and Blue from KrauseHaus
Handcrafted Oak Dice Board Dice Tray Dice Game by woodcraftz **
ARE YOU LOOKIN AT ME-- Sepia Bluejay Playing Cards from Valiantstudios
Gaming Dice Authentic Hardwood from CarterFabrications
3-table tallies, designs based on old playing cards, historic and Biblical kings and queens and soldiers by BridgeCanastaEuchre **
Vintage 1974 Nevada Craps - great condition from gadgetsNglitter **
POKER FACE Vintage 1970 Cordless Automatic Play Poker Game Mini Slot Machine with Original Box from Matangi
Vintage Johnson Card Shuffler in Box Retro from ReuseRejoice **

Luck was certainly a lady for me in finding all of these great items - and I hope she'll always be a lady for you! Tomorrow's theme is "Eye of the Hurricane" - and I'll be looking for anything that reminds you of a storm - either by its design, its coloring, its theme, or whatever. Let your imagine go and send me swirls and whirls, and rainy day items, and anything else that you could justify in any way for this theme! I'll be happy to look at them all, and showcase the best of the best :) Send them to me by simply clicking here for the submission form to e-mail me the link to the page of the shop where I can see your items or your favorites from another shop.

Have a lovely, lucky weekend!

**designates an undiscovered or underdiscovered shop

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