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Delightful Discoveries - Eye of the Storm 09.26.10

While many people may not find hurricane season appealing, and rightfully so considering the destructive forces these storms possess, I must admit that I am always awestruck by these incredible forces of nature. But then, all storms fascinate me - had I known there was such a career when I was younger, I'd probably have really enjoyed being part of a storm-chasing team!

Typically known as hurricanes in the Atlantic and some areas of the Pacific, and typhoons in a small part of the Indian Ocean and the rest of the Pacific, these swirling monsters are called tropical cyclones in the balance of the Indian Ocean. These massive storms have been known to have diameters upward of 500 miles (800 kilometers). The "eye" of the storm, which is surrounded by the most violent winds and heaviest rains of the storm, is actually a region of relatively clear and calm weather that is usually around 40 miles (65 kilometers) wide. This area is caused by the downdraft of winds due to the rotation of the storm (the effect of centrifugal force) and has the lowest surface pressure and warmest temperatures aloft.

The largest and strongest hurricane ever recorded was Typhoon Tip (North Pacific, 1979) with a diameter of 1350 miles (2170km) and sustained winds of 190mph (205km/h). Surprisingly, hurricane force winds are not the strongest storm produced winds - that honor belongs to tornadoes which can have cyclonic winds in excess of 300 mph (480km/h). One interesting fact about hurricanes (and other cyclonic storms) is that they spiral in a clockwise direction in the northern hemisphere, and counterclockwise in the southern hemisphere!

Hurricanes and other such storms do have an upside though - they provide inspiration for some wonderful works of artistry and craftsmanship... as you'll see in these great items being showcased today :)

Residents of coastal regions may not realize it, but hurricanes can wreak havoc with inland weather too! In fact, this past week, here in Arizona we were feeling the effects of Tropical Storm Georgette as it worked its way up the Gulf of California. These storms can produce beautiful cloudscapes in the desert southwest as you can see in this breathtaking Storm Clouds over Taos - 8x10 Photograph from orangecatart !

Whether it's in the sea or the sky, you're likely to see this dramatic shade of blue as water and air churn together in a stormy dance. I think this Tornado - Silk Yarn (Lace weight) by DyeForYarn would make a stunning lacy evening shawl, don't you?

When I saw the brilliant hues and the swirled patterns of this gorgeous Purple Passion Hand Painted Silk Georgette Scarf by silkshop, the first thing that came to mind was waves washing up on the shore of an alien world in the wake of a storm at a double sunrise. Simply stunning and ethereal!

This magnificent Silk Oak Wood Turned Bowl from grahtoestudio was turned from a piece of silk oak wood rescued after a hurricane, and as the shop description says - "This is truly a gem that is one of a kind and irreplaceable." What an amazing piece!

This spectacular glass marble from ChaseDesigns is appropriately titled "Ocean Storm." Be sure to visit this link to see the other views of this piece... from the swirling storm clouds at the top to the churning ocean waves filled with images of sharks and whales at the bottom, Greg Chase has captured a magical vision of a cyclone at sea!

What captured my imagination in this whimsical Storming the Beaches Mermaidish Witch print from Carapace was the way it appears that this mermaid witch is joyfully churling a spiral of water away from her as she rises from the depths, keeping her completely dry. Definitely fits the witch lore that you can read a bit more about in the listing! What a fun fantasy piece this is!

I absolutely love the feel of mystery and illusion that this piece portrays. Aptly named "Eye of the Storm", this photo brooch from penumbraimages ** definitely catches the brooding moodiness of stormy weather, with a touch of the unexpected!

From one of my own shops, MysticWynd, comes Jupiter's Storm, a blue and brown glass bead that has swirls on it that remind me of the famous "red spot" on the planet Jupiter. Which, by the way, is a 350+ year old hurricane that continues to rage on our planetary neighbor!

From mnjohn comes the Storms and Swirls Mug, described as a lightweight and ergonomic mug that holds more coffee than an average factory made mug. I love the colors and the wonderful swirls that Megan John has created with this piece!

I LOVE this piece of solar quartz from moonelighte! And I also love the way the description reads - and I know that I couldn't improve on it, so here it is!

"This particular solar is very large, and it's the smallest of the group! Absolutely fabulous, with outside crystal that is clear, with "snowflake" bits inside it, then the fluffy snow cloud around the center, then white ring, then more cloud, and inside, like, well, a protected gem, is the green of the Mossy Agate!"

What a great focal this would be for a necklace!

Pam, from Averilpam on Folksy, had originally nominated these earrings for another feature. But, since I had the inside track on knowing that there was an upcoming feature on storms, I knew I wanted these adorable Swirl Earrings for this feature - so, here they are! The patterns on these reminded me of the isobar maps that weathermen show when they're displaying a hurricane on a map - making them perfect for today's showcase!

Since I've been writing about the swirling clouds of cyclonic storms throughout this post, I'm happy to include this sweet Silver Swirl Encouragement Necklace by LemonberryStudios.** I love the profound message it brings, and I think spirals carry an energy of wisdom and growth, so it's a lovely reminder of personal encouragement!

DesigningImpressions on Artfire is where you'll find this beautiful necklace and earring set featuring Earth Tone Brass and Gold Glass with Large Olive Green Porcelain Foca. The design on the coin reminded me of ancient symbols - perhaps depicting the waves of an ancient storm. Definitely a unique and intriguing design!

Hope you can find some beauty in storms as well as these artists have! Please take some time to visit their shops to learn more about these great items and the rest of their craftsmanship as well!

Tomorrow, I'll be playing the queen of hearts and showcasing a wonderful selection of hearts and heart themed items here, so be sure to stop by and check them out. And, if by chance you have any heart themed items you'd like to share here, send them on over by clicking here for the submission form to e-mail me the link to the page of the shop where I can see your items or your favorites from another shop.

Gosh, where did this weekend go? Hope yours was a good one!

**designates an undiscovered or underdiscovered shop


averilpam said...

thank you so much for including my swirl earrings in this brilliant feature. I feel honoured to be in the company of all those talented artists. I really enjoyed all your information about hurricanes/typhoons/cyclones.
pam x

Allison The Imp said...

You have such a wonderful grouping of items here! I love that mug! I was so excited about being among the beauties that I posted on my blog about your blog.

Thanks so much and have a great day!

Megana said...

Wow! Thanks for including my mug in this feature! So cool! These are all gorgeous pieces, in all my fave colors.

I actually made the swirls on the mug with my fingers in the wet glaze, having no idea how it would turn out! I guess it pays to experiment. That mug has turned into one of the web's favorite pieces. :)

I had no idea that the "red spot" of Jupiter was really a hurricane! Guess you learn something new every day, right?

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