Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Delightful Discoveries - C U Soon! 09.29.10

Copper, labeled as Cu on the table of elements, has been used by man for over 10,000 years and for 5000 of those years, it was the only metal known to man - so you can imagine how much of it has been unearthed as tools and jewelry in archaeological digs.

In an era where copper is a metal that is widely used in electronics, transportation, industry, and personal products like jewelry, decor, and other consumer products, it's not surprising that the copper mining industry is busy. In 2009, the US was the world's third largest producer of mined copper, coming in only behind Chile and Peru... and as I mentioned yesterday, in the desert southwest, copper is king. Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah are 4 of the top 5 copper producing states (the fifth being Montana) with 60% of newly mined copper coming out of my home state of Arizona. The Morenci copper mine in Greenlee County in Southeastern Arizona, is one of the world's largest open-pit copper mines - and produces approximately 380,000 tons of copper a year. It's one of 11 copper mines in production in the state, originally opened in 1872, shortly after gold prospectors passing through on their way to California found "copper in them thar hills." It was a lucrative decision to mine copper, considering the huge deposits available to them, and while copper will probably never come close to attaining the worth of gold or silver, copper prices have almost doubled in a few short years. (Public domain photo courtesy of Phelps-Dodge)

There are over 400 copper based alloys in use today, and from the everyday necessities we use like our telephones and computers to the high tech copper clad, self cauterizing surgical scalpels used in the medical field, copper is easily one of the most useful metals on the planet - not to mention that it's beautiful you can see from my showcase today!

Copper Jewelry... mmmm... I sometimes think that copper is one of the best metals there is for jewelry. Its warmth, its vibrant glow, and the richness of its color (not to mention the amazing patina that it develops over time!) is just so earthy and well, almost spiritual, that it's no wonder that copper jewelry is becoming so popular. Aren't these pieces simple splendid? And there's such a variety of styles, textures, and colors that there's sure to be something to please your jewelry palate!

All You Need Is Love Copper 21 inch Necklace with Gemstones by fashionwire** (Artfire)
Real Turquoise Gemstone on Copper Chains Earrings from DesigningImpressions **(Artfire)
Cleopatra Necklace by sandijreed **
Textured Copper Pendant with Turquoise Bead
by OriginalsbyLauren
Spirit of the Sonoran Brass Copper Necklace by MysticWynd
Gardener's Copper Charm Bracelet w Flowers by MysticWynd
Antiqued Copper Earrings with Chalcedony by eri059
Ruby And Champagne Pearl Rosary Style Necklace With Ruby Teardrop Pendant by BellaBeadsOriginals
Swirly carnelian copper cocktail ring size 8 by SunshineDaydreamz
Double Copper Hearts on Sterling Silver Pendant from Metalworksjewelry
MC1R Pride Necklace - Redheads by nikhajewelry (I love the story behind this one! Be sure to check out the listing!)

Copper can also add its unique touch of beauty and warmth to your surroundings...

... from useful kitchenware and other household items and decor...

Small Calla/Cobra lamp by metalight **
Unique copper and brass pot from BlackCatHill
Copper Bowl with Etching by barbarallen **
Wonderfully aged, fabulous patina, copper kettle from Sidhesheesboudoir
Vintage Copper Jello Molds -Set of 5- Grape - Tower- Shell- Flower - Round from themancave
Falling Leaves Tray with Cast Iron Feet from KopperKitty

to wonderful indoor and outdoor friendly works of art... ( and yes, I indulged my imagination and love of the unusual with all of these pieces - amazingly creative and stunning workmanship, IMHO!)

Copper Bird House by mikelange3
Phoenix Rising - Copper Wire Sculpture by sparkflight
OOAK Karthos the wyvern copper and brass sculpture by metalbymartin**
Copper Birdbath Triple Heart Leaf Cascade Bowl Fountain by CopperGardenStudio
Copper Dragonfly SculptureHand Made OOAK Original Forged Art by Studio451

and then there's this piece...

I couldn't classify it anywhere, because it definitely stands alone. It takes a unique talent to conceive of something extraordinary like this, and definitely someone with unique tastes to truly appreciate, but I think it's amazing! From snegoratchka - Ghost - Wearable Art.

Amazing, beautiful, remarkable, unique finds today - thank you to everyone who pointed me in the right directions to see them!

Tomorrow, I'm going to drift back to where these features all started - with a color of the day. Shabby chic, antique inspired rosy brown will be my color of the day, so if you have anything in your shop or your favorites that features this color and you'd like to see it featured here, send me the link by clicking here !!

Happy hump day - we're halfway through to the weekend! Yay!

**designates an undiscovered or underdiscovered shop


eRiN said...

Such gorgeous, gorgeous picks. I'm honored to be a part of this collection!!

Bella said...

Wow, love all the copper! Thanks for including my necklace!! I'm honored!

Originals by Lauren said...

I am so honored to be among these gorgeous finds, and what a wonderful article. Thank you very much, Lauren

Midnightcoiler said...

What beautiful things! Copper is my favorite metal. I particularly like it when paired with turquoise. Amazing artists represented here!

linda said...

wow, you have outdone yourself with this amazing collection and thanks so much for sharing.

YellowBugBoutique said...

I love copper and it's even more wonderful coupled with the turquoise. Great selections- thanks for sharing!

IndyAndCleo said...

Lovin' all this gorgeous copper! Especially love theAntiqued Copper Earrings with Chalcedony by eri059 and the Ruby & Champagne Pearl necklace by bellabeadsoriginals! ❤

Allison The Imp said...

Thanks so much for including my copper and turquoise earrings. I'm offering them at 10% off for anyone who convos me at the time of purchase that they saw this on Mystic Wynd's blog.

Beth said...

Beautiful copper items! I am so thrilled to have my ring included! Copper is my favorite metal to work with, I'm so happy it's getting the love it deserves :)

Themancave said...

Absolutely amazing blog- love the earthy copper feature! It's an honor to be included.

Leta Porter said...

I love all of these items!! What a Great Collection!!! Leta

galoregirl said...

Thanku so much for including my Cleopatra Necklace in the blog of the day! Such beautiful finds here!
I AM OFFERING THIS NECKLACE 50% OFF THRU October 31, 2010. sO, PLEASE TELL ME WHERE U SAW THIS NECKLACE ADVERTIZED, and u will recieve 25% off any item in the store, also sale thru October 31, 2010.

Reborn As Art said...

Copper is one of my favorite metals. You've shown some really stunning representatives of how gorgeous it can be!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Beautiful collections! I just love all the jewelry :)

metalbymartin said...

Karthos and I thank you for including us in your homage to copper. In the metal world, copper is king. The fields of medicine, electricity, architecture,plumbing, jewelry ect. would not be the same without copper. The only reason it is not so expensive is that there is,thank god, no lack of it on the planet.
Thank you again. Martin

ViKotas said...

Turquoise and copper are such a perfect d you gave us beautiful examples

TiLT said...

fantastic!!! I adore copper...and that last find - truly amazing!!

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