Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Cat"-egorically "Cat"-chy - A BESTeam Feature

AllAboutCats is... well... all about cats! If you happen to be owned by one of these godly creatures, or you simply love everything about our feline friends, you're going to love this shop! Linda, the owner of AllAboutCats and a brand new member of the BESTeam, has firsthand knowledge of the purr-fect life that cats enjoy - she has three of her own. Her love of cats is portrayed in every item in her shop, from her a-mew-sing catnip toys to her coasters with cat-titude! I'll show you a few of my personal favorites, and then you can visit her shop to browse fur-ther :)

I haven't been able to have a cat in the house because I was always surrounded by people with severe cat allergies, but thanks to feline friendly friends, I love cats. They almost always like me too. I've cat-sat for a number of friends over the years, so I've been able to keep these wonderful creatures in my world at least a little bit. But, if I were going to get a cat, the first question I would ask (after taking a cue from Shakespeare and deciding tabby or not tabby) would be, "What would make my cat happy and healthy?" And I would definitely want to make sure that the little one was getting some play time (and therefore healthy exercise) with a great toy like this adorable Spencer The Spooky Spider Organic Catnip Bell Cat Toy. Wouldn't your cat love to be treated to this for Halloween?!?

Unless you live in a vacuum, and I know you don't, you fight the good fight against dust. Having a pet in the house only adds to it, and if you live in a place like Arizona where your furniture needs dusting five minutes after you've dusted it, then you can appreciate finding anything that can help you stay on top of it and is eco-friendly. If you own a Swiffer™ or Pledge™ duster and would love to have a great washable cover for it, look no more because Linda offers these great duster covers that can be washed and used over and over and over again!

AllAboutCats also has a wonderful assortment of goodies for the humans that love cats. Everything in her shop either has a cat theme or is perfect for a home with cats, and with items like this charmingly Whimsical Cat Print Clasp Change Purse, you can treat yourself to a little bit of cat fancying and have a place to tuck away all of those small items that would otherwise be floating around your purse making it a handbag hell!

You can be one of the first to find out about Linda's latest product previews, shop updates and additions by following her on Facebook and visiting her blog. Now, go show your favorite feline friend how much you love them by buying them a little treat from AllAboutCats! They'll love you for it - and Linda will appreciate it too!


Domestic Goddess said...

This makes me want to buy something even though I am allergic to cats. Love the Elephant toy. The coin purse is adorable.

Very nice feature!

our home to yours said...

I love that cat change purse. hmmm, good stocking stuffer ;p

All About Cats said...

Thanks for the wonderful feature!

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