Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's All About Colour - A BESTeam Feature

You may remember my feature a few months back about my BESTeam teammate Alison, from BlueForestJewellery. When our weekly random assignments came out and I saw that I had received a duplicate with her shop, I also decided that I wanted to do another feature on her and her shop. Alison's design philosophy is that "it's all about colour" - and since I've been showcasing some amazing shops and their creations based on colour, what more perfect time to write about a jewellery designer with that philosophy!

You may have noticed my use of "colour" instead of "color" and "jewellery" instead of "jewelry". That's because BlueForestJewellery is based out of the UK, where they use the "proper English" spellings of these two words. In the case of "colour", the US chose to adopt a spelling that conforms to the word's Latin spelling and origins. As for "jewellery", the UK and Canada, possibly because of their strong national ties, use this alternative spelling, so in this case "jewelry" is the more commonly used spelling worldwide. So when you run across these variances in spellings, don't blame it on ignorance - it's simply a preference! Something to think about when you're selecting your product search tags or labels if you sell in a worldwide market!

But back to BlueForestJewellery... many of us select neutrals when it comes to fashion for a variety of reasons, whether it's to exude a more subdued or business-like persona, or they handle seasonal changes more suitably, or because they're easy to find accessories for! Wearing a navy blue or black suit can be very becoming for most women, but adding a touch of colour can take that look from beautiful to stunning! Likewise with any monochromatic wardrobe choice - the addition of the right accent colour can make all the difference in the world!! That, you see, is what BlueForestJewellery is all about!

Take that simple brown shirtwaist dress from frumpy to fabulous with this stunning turquoise, howlite and tiger's eye beaded necklace.

Looking for some color to "pop" against that little black number? How about this rich and bold Deep Red Jasper Heart and Red Tiger's Eye Necklace? Can you say "WOW!"?

If subdued is more your style, and you want a more subtle touch of color in a classic design, BlueForestJewellery has some excellent choices for you as well - like this lovely Faraway Seas Amazonite and Pearl necklace. The creamy white pearls and soft blue green hues of amazonite combine beautifully and will complement virtually any basic color.

For many people, it truly is "all about colour" - and if you're one of those people, please take a moment to check out BlueForestJewellery. I think you'll be glad you did! In addition to a visit to Alison's shop BlueForestJewellery on Etsy, take a peek into her world on her blog http://blueforestjewellery.blogspot.com/ .

Bye 'til next time!


ViKotas said...

--excellent choices from her shop. I would wear any of these pieces

Blue Forest Jewellery said...

Thanks so much for featuring me again!

I'm starting a campaign for us all to spell jewel(l)ry and colo(u)r the same way the world over - it would make life so much easier ;-)
Alison x

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