Monday, August 23, 2010

Delightful Discoveries - Persimmon Perfection 08.23.10

How many of you have ever eaten a persimmon? Or perhaps a better question would be whether or not you even know what a persimmon is! I'll admit that I've never eaten one, but I'm not really sure why, since I've seen them at fruit stands and in the produce department of grocery stores many times.

Most persimmons bear a resemblance to tomatoes, although they're orange in color. Best eaten when ripe and slightly soft, the taste of persimmons is described as... well... that's where the problem comes in. Seems that no one can exactly describe the flavor of a persimmon. I've read descriptions saying it tasted like a cross between a melon and an apple, another like what a rose would taste like if you could imagine eating a fragrant rose, yet another likened its flavor to candied squash. I guess if we really want to know, we'll just have to all try one! (If you do, please comment and let us know what YOU think it tastes like!)

As a color, persimmon is a luscious shade of rich orange with just the slightest hint of brown undertones. Not quite as brown as burnt orange, not quite as orange as pumpkin. It's... well... persimmon! It's one of those colors you recognize when you see the name, but it's not a commonly used adjective - although from what I've read in the nominations for this feature, it's going to become more popular in descriptions!

For your pre-autumnal viewing pleasure - persimmon perfection!

Ruffled Typing Gloves -- Pumpkin from Betani (Etsy)
Hat and Scarf Set named Burnt Orange from hatsbyanne1942** (Etsy)
Yoga Mat Bag - Namaste from FernHollowFinds (Etsy)
Persimmon from blossomshop (Etsy)
ASPirations Snakeskin Patterned Go-Go Necklace from mysticwynd (Etsy)
Patchwork Clutch Wallet with Magnetic Snap Flap from missprettyperfect (Etsy)
INDIAN SUMMER Amber wire necklace with agates and corals from TerraFantazia** (Etsy)
Handpainted Silk Chifon Scarf - Necklace from TanjaDesign (Etsy)
Persimmon Jar with Lid from Klayhouse (Etsy)
HAND KNIT ORANGE PUMPKIN HAT from Triple E crafter Fabric and Gifts Store (Independent)
Persimmon Starfish Softie from snaulkter (Etsy)
Brilliant orange hearts from tmeddie04

Well, that should get your week off to a bright and beautiful start! Tomorrow's all about stuffed animals and plushies, and I can tell you already that I have some adorable furry friends and puffy pillowy pals lined up, but I do have room for a few more. So, if you would, just send me the links to your favorite fuzzy, and I'll be happy to consider adding it to the collection! Just submit your nominations by clicking here!

I should be back in a short while with a BESTeam feature, so until then, enjoy your persimmon-y bright start to the day!

** (this is my new designation for an undiscovered/underdiscovered shop of the day!)


Splendid Little Stars said...

What wonderful finds! I believe I have eaten persimmon, but so long ago I don't remember.

Terra Fantazia said...

Beautiful collection! Thanks for including my necklace!

Miss Pretty Perfect Handbags said...

This is such a wonderful post. I think I would like to taste a persimmon now. And thank you for including my patchwork clutch/wallet in this :) Enjoyed the read.

Candles by Nature said...

Such a gorgeous color! It really puts me in the mood for autumn. Thanks so much! said...

Karen, I've been with my Mom since last Friday and just got back to Castle Rock. Thank you so very much for using my hat and scarf. The treasury is beautiful!!

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