Friday, August 20, 2010

Delightful Discoveries - My Main Squeeze 08.20.10

My main squeeze (next to my hubby of course) has got to be lemons! From drinking lemonade to marinating meat in a favorite Greek lemon marinade to squeezing lemons on luscious broiled fish or even fresh fruit to keep it from browning, lemons are a mainstay in the kitchen!

Lemon juice is also a great deodorizer, an effective stain remover (especially if you dry your clothes in the sunshine!), cuts grease, and in a pinch also serves as an antiseptic and takes the sting out of insect bites!

Lemon imagery has also had it's place in the media. I know I'm aging myself again, but I remember watching reruns of The Lemon Drop Kid, a comedy starring Bob Hope back when I was a child, and listening to Harry Belafonte doing a calypso version of the song "Lemon Tree". And then Led Zeppelin came along with "The Lemon Song" in the late '60s and now, well, there's all kinds of songs and films and books that have something to do with lemons.

Etsy is no stranger to lemons either - take a look at some of the adorable lemon-y goodness that can be found there!

For your kitchen...

Lazy Susan, Wood, Lemon Slice Design
by JaneSuzanne (Etsy)
Lemons to Lemonade Pitcher by Countryside Designs (Independent)
Lemons for Saturday or Sunday washing, vintage stencil painted on new towel from ThistleFinchGallery (Etsy)

For your den, or family room, or anywhere else you might want the cheeriness of a lemon theme...

Pillow /Lemon Wedge from dianetubbdesigns (Etsy)
when life hands you lemons, print (third edition) from dearcolleen (Etsy)

For your little lemon-drop...

Lemon Love Outfit.... twirl skirt and top from lakenandlila (Etsy)
Juicy Lemons Kimono and Bloomer Set from livvysue (Etsy)
Juicy Lemon Apron Dress from ChewChewsCloset

and for those you celebrate life with!

lemon - card by caterpillarcards ** (Etsy)
Personalized Invitations, Sweet Lemons from LittlebeaneBoutique(Etsy)
Yellow Lemonade Tags - Set of 3 from inkblossom (Etsy)

Refreshing, aren't they? I'm staying in line with a fruit theme tomorrow by showcasing some plum colored items (and no, this time it doesn't have to be the fruit!) and while this is a sampling of the color, you can see a larger sample as well as my upcoming features by simply clicking on "be featured" in my right sidebar! If you have any items of your own that you would like featured or something from someone else's shop that you think deserves the attention - and handmade, vintage, and supplies are all welcome - send me the links by clicking here and then just come back the day of the feature and see what I've featured! You can send the links ahead of time as well, since I keep them saved until it's time to do my selecting :)

Wow, where did this week go? I can't believe it's Friday already! But that means the weekend is here... what do you have planned? I have a surprise for everyone, but you'll just have to keep watching for my announcement! For now, take care and have a wonderful Friday...

** (this is my new designation for the undiscovered/underdiscovered shop of the day!)


d.garini said...

Very nice blog, Thanks so much for including my lemon slice clock.

LivvySue Boutique said...

Beautiful blog featuring lemons - so clean and bright! Thanks for including my Juicy Lemons Kimono Set too.

dear colleen said...

how sweet to do a whole post on lemons, I've not seen that before in the blog world:)

inkblossom said...

What sweet and refreshing items you found! Beautiful blog! Thanks for including my tags in this fun feature!

Chew Chew's Closet said...

Thank you so much for featuring my Juicy Lemon Apron Dress in you Fabulous Blog!

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