Thursday, August 19, 2010

Delightful Discoveries - The Green Scene 08.19.10

How much do you know about the color green? Since I got some great positive feedback the other day when I shared some information about the color pink, I thought I'd do the same today with the color green!

Did you know -
  • Do you have green eyes? If you do, you belong to the approximately only 2% of the world population that does!
  • Green is the color used for night vision goggles because the human eye is most sensitive and able to discern the most shades in that color.
  • There is a superstition that sewing with green thread on the eve of a fashion show brings bad luck to the design house.
  • Before the 1950's Santa's suit was originally green until Coca-Cola bought him out and changed his suit to red.
  • Want to make your property look bigger? Plant grass! Green plants visually recede, helping to make a small space appear larger.
  • Bright green is the color of the astrological sign "Cancer."
  • Surgeons typically wear green in the operating room because green is the opposite of red, making red blood much more visible during a procedure.
  • Suicides dropped by 34% when London's Blackfriar Bridge was painted green.
  • Kermit the Frog doesn't find it easy bein' green!
If green is your favorite color, you probably tend to be dutiful and obedient. People who love green are aware of and sensitive to social customs and have a good name in the community they reside in. Usually honest, truthful and straightforward in their approach to life, and have a cheerful disposition. Green is considered to be the color of harmony and balance, and symbolizes hope, renewal and peace.

Whether you have a green thumb, are feeling green with envy (or even a little green around the gills), are trying to go green, or are just looking for greener pastures, I'm giving you the green light to fall in love with these great green goodies!

Paper leaf earrings - green from BijouteriePapier(Etsy)
Seashell Glycerin Soap 4 oz Lilac Scent VEGAN from AngelScents(Etsy)
Garden Greenery Apple Turquoise Necklace from MysticWynd(Etsy)
Glass Pendant from AlmostPrecious(Etsy)
Green Fish Bracelet from beachcomberscove (Etsy)
Peace Sign Earrings from LetaMarieDesigns (Artfire)
Beaded bracelet - Green and yellow with gold toggle clasp from foreverandrea(Etsy)
Green Sea Glass Mermaid Charm Necklace from waterwaif(Etsy)
Lonely Leaf fine art print from TexasEagle (Zibbet)
Albert Einstein Mens T-shirt from vortextradingcompany(Etsy)
Hand-Painted Wooden Happy Halloween Sign from LyubashaArt**(Etsy)
Rose a single precious stained glass rose from GlassOfManyColors(Etsy)

Now, get out some greenbacks and buy your favorite green thing! Tomorrow I'll be back with a refreshing and bright look at lemons, so if you have any lemon themed items in your shop or you know of a shop that does, send me the links by clicking here to e-mail me them! You can also view my calendar of future features by clicking on the "Be Featured" link in the right sidebar :)

Have a great day!

** (this is my new designation for the undiscovered/underdiscovered shop of the day!)


Leta Porter said...

As usual, such a Beautiful Collection and Thank You for showing my Peace Sign Earrings~~

Beth said...

What a great collection of greens! I really like the extra info, but Santa looks better in Red! Yay Coke ;)

forever andrea said...

Green is one of my favorite colors. Every time I go shopping for beads, I always end up with something green. Thanks so much for including my bracelet.

Love all the trivia! Very fun to read.

Almost Precious said...

I have learned a lot about the color green from your wonderful post and probably will give green a lot more respect from now on.

Thank you so much for including my dichroic glass pendant in your lovely find of green treasures.

Jan Moulder said...

Green, green, green!! Always been my favorite! Thanks for including my green leaf earrings in this luscious collection.

Ms. T said...

Oh, my goodness, I love, love, LOVE the mermaid necklace! I've hearted it and it's definitely on my wishlist.
I am your newest blog follower! Here is mine:

Angel Scents said...

thank you so much for put my green shell soap on your blog. How sweet of you!!! I love everything that is here and want it all!!! But thank you again, I appreciate it so much


TexasEagle said...

Thanks a million for featuring our leaf print! Lovely collection!

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