Saturday, August 28, 2010

Delightful Discoveries - It's Electrifying! 08.28.10

No dear, I did not make up the name Electric Indigo - that's actually the name assigned to the hex code of the color in today's feature! Yes dear, it is purple... but, I would have to say it is definitely electrifying! An amazing shade of brilliant purple that's sure to create an impression wherever it appears. I do have a confession to make - and a bone to pick... I selected ALL of today's featured items because I didn't receive one single nomination! Which at first had me a little concerned, because I thought "oh my god, there's just not going to be anything in this color out there!" Well, let me tell ya - this was probably one of the easiest colors to track down that I've probably ever featured! So now I just have to decide if everyone really has a secret loathing of this color, or you've all simply lost interest in this little forays into the world of handmade and vintage. It's okay, {sniffling} I can take it, be honest... heck, leave an anonymous comment if you'd like and let me know what you're thinking!

I do hope you have some eye protection with you, because you're about to be dazzled by color, and blinded by brilliance... here are my selections for today!

Mother Nature provided some -

eyes to the sky - fine art photographby petalsandfeathers **
Grape Hyacinth Spring Flowers Purple Blossoms by SowingOats
Intense Water Lily 5x7 photo print by AnAlliteration

Father Time had a few blasts from the past to offer as well -

Vintage Sugar Plum Fairy Purple 80s Maven Evening Prom Dress from zwzzy
Vintage 1980's Royal Purple Fringe and Stretch Lace Dress from bytheway
50s 2Die4 StunningPurple Cotton Velvet Swing Coat from StudioSteffi

There was jewelry galore...

Purple and Gold Shell Bracelet by hiddentreasure
Natural Tagua Necklace in Plump Grape Purple by amoritamexicana
Sugar Plum Necklace- Petite Amethyst Wrapped in Sterling Silver by TheJewelryChateau
For the Love of Lavender Necklace by MoseyDog

Hats, Headbands, and more...

Grape Purple Feather Headband by smileforsuzy
KNITTY BITTY GRAPE HAT from knittybittyapparel
Purple Grape Dewy Rose Hair Clip by LilaJo
Purple Satin Flower Headband by FeltSoCute
Purple Grape Velvet Vintage Hat from rabbity

and a couple of things I simply adore!

Victor the Violet Bunny Stuffed Animal Momma Size by Zygopsyche
The Purple Flash - 5x7 Fine Art Photograph Print by MSM from ara133 Photography

Whew... have I mentioned how much I love purple!?!? It's just such a gorgeous vital color! After two days in a row of bright colors though, we're going to turn it down a bit with this earthy deep olive green. Now I expect to see a lot of nominations of items, since it's getting to be that time of year when autumn colors like this should be listing like crazy! So let me see the best of your best olive greens by send it on over by your clicking here to e-mail me the link to the page of the shop where I can view the item! You can also view my calendar of future features by clicking on the "Be Featured" link in the right sidebar :)

Hope your weekend is off to a wonderful start... See ya soon!

** (this is my new designation for an undiscovered/underdiscovered shop of the day!)


Erica said...

Electrifying collection! Thank you for featuring my necklace.

Jaci said...

Wow! This is an eye-popper of a color, but I love it! It was fun to see your picks. I adore zygopsyche's critters :)

Jaci said...

Sorry, that was ByTheWay - thanks for including my dress!

Just Me said...

Absolutely gorgeous together when put together like this! Thank you for incluing me. I love the colors.

Glass River Jewelry said...

What a fantastic color!

d3b...* said...

wow great tone of purple!

thejoyofcolor said...

WOW WOW shocking color love IT
now wonder your found so many

carrie said...

go bold or go home! you found some great items! :D

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