Saturday, July 31, 2010

Delightful Discoveries - Sea Green Sea 07.31.10

Did you ever stop to think where they came up with the color "sea green"? After all, the ocean's blue, isn't it? So what's up with that? Is the sea blue or were the Beatles right in their hit song Yellow Submarine when they sang of the "sky of blue, sea of green"?

Well, my research revealed that water is truly blue - due to its oxygen content. While oxygen is clear in its gaseous state, it appears just ever so slightly blue in its liquid or solid states. This doesn't account for the deep blue of most large bodies of water though. They appear blue because of the refractive and absorptive properties of water... meaning simply that as the light from the sun shines on the water, the blue colors, being the least absorbed, are the ones that more readily show through the upper levels of the water!

As for the whole sea green thing - it may have originated from all of the sailing that was done across the Atlantic as the Europeans explored the world. The Atlantic ocean tends to appear more green because of the higher concentrations of algae and other green plant life living in that ocean! Oceans may also appear green when the skies are stormy since they tend to reflect the color of the sky above them.

Whatever its origin, sea green is a lovely medium green with slightly blue/grey undertones. It's said that green is a color that relaxes people and balances energies. I think this particular shade of green definitely has those qualities! So, let's get calm and relaxed and enjoy the great items I'm about to share with you :)

Sumiko, based out of the seaside city of San Diego, CA has some unique and beautiful ceramics to offer. This sweet little Persimmon Leaf Plate is actually imprinted with a live persimmon leaf and formed to look like a leaf that has just floated down to rest. It would make a lovely trinket dish, soap dish, after dinner mint dish or even a spoon rest. Simple, elegant, and earthy.

Sea Salt is just one of the ingredients in this Lime Margarita Soap from the SoapStudio, a store that is still enjoying its first year of sales on Etsy. This shop is based out of Phoenix, here in AZ, and while many of you may be thinking that Arizona hasn't much to do with large bodies of water or oceans, it might surprise you to learn that even tho we rank 48th by state for square miles of water areas, we also have over 150 bodies of water that are suitable for boating, recreation, and fishing! It's also home to some of the best margaritas in the country, so I can understand why the SoapStudio offers this great soap scented with the aroma of fresh squeezed limes, a hint of orange, and blue agave tequila. As the description reads -"Now you can have a margarita before noon... just don't tell your boss!"

Seashells and aquaterra - if that doesn't sound worthy of a feature in a post about the colors of the sea, I'm not sure what does! This lovely aquaterra bracelet displays rich deep sea green with sandy matrices or veining. The seashells provide a perfect complement to these gemstone coins for a look that reflects the oceanside spirit. You can find it at TheMossGarden, which happens to be based out of another Pacific coast city - Vancouver, British Columbia. I guess it's easy to be inspired by the sea when you live by the sea!

Tomorrow, Sunday, I'll be taking a look at clowns, in honor of National Clown Week which is being celebrated from August 1st through the 7th. I've done a treasury or two on Etsy with some amazing clowns, so I know there is quite of bit of clowning around going on there. ;) If you have a clown item you would like showcased or you're simply a connoisseur of clowns and would like to nominate one of your favorite jester, simply take a minute to click here to e-mail me the link. You'll be able to see my choices Sunday morning, bright and early, AZ time!!

Hope this finds you relaxing and enjoying your weekend... and I hope to see you here tomorrow to enjoy my latest picks!

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