Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Color Wheel of Fortune 07.27.10

All oranges are not created equal! Trying to name a shade of a color that doesn't really have a name can be a problem. Assigning an obscure name to the shade of a color can be worse. If I simply asked for "orange", I would get colors that run the gamut from pale apricot to deep rust and they would all fit the description I asked for. I try to aim for color names that I think people can figure out, unless they're already assigned a specific name. For example, I gave today's color the name pumpkin because it's close to the color that many people would associate with natural fall pumpkins - not the halloweenish illustration colors, but the color of the fruit itself! Now had I called it Princeton orange or gamboge, I know a lot of people would have been completely lost.

I finally had someone comment that they thought that by asking for such specific colors, I might be dissuading people from taking the time to go through their listings to find the perfect shade. Possibly true. On the other hand, from a shopping perspective, or more importantly for those of us trying to sell our creations, I want this to be somewhat of a learning opportunity.

Many people don't want to take the time to find that perfect shade of ice blue or pumpkin orange and that's fine. But for someone who understands color and the important differences in shades and tones and hues, finding those items is much easier! And so is describing them - and I think that can be just one of the differences between failure and success in marketing or, from a buying perspective, easily finding just the right accent pillows or wall coverings or jewelry to suit one's needs. After all, the chances of you walking into a paint store and asking for "orange" paint and getting the exact shade you wanted are probably in the vicinity of at least 100 to one... and you're certainly not going to be happy when the color you wanted has pink undertones (like a coral or salmon) and the clerk whips you up a color that has brown undertones (like a persimmon or rust). The same can be said for the online shopper - especially since there are so many variations in the way different monitors display colors. I think it's important to call any shade of orange an orange, but I think it's incredibly helpful to potential buyers to throw in some comparative colors as well. If something's the color of a persimmon, say that. If it's the color of a peach, mention that. It can't hurt, and it can definitely help someone who's looking at that paint chip or clothing tag that says persimmon and looking for the best match they can find!

[Stepping down from my soapbox and wiping away those bits of virtual tomatoes (which is also a shade of red, btw!)] Now let's see some of the items that I felt best matched today's beautiful pumpkiny orange! Before I begin, I really did only have three items picked out when I went to bed last night, but I woke up to an e-mail with an item I just had to include, so there will be a fourth - which I guess will make up for the item that I'm featuring that's really silver against a pumpkin background!

I love unique jewelry, and earthy themes are one of my favorites although I realize that not everyone likes the weight that often comes with traditionally earthy gemstones and other natural materials. One of Etsy's undiscovered treasures, Melsartbuffet offers the perfect compromise using polymer clay to create natural looking "cocoons" for her signature thread inlays, and combining the amazing focal pieces with beads made out of plant seeds as well as seed beads and smaller natural gemstones. What an fascinating technique and such an amazing result! This piece is titled Walnut Brown Butter Tartlet.

Beth, from sunshindaydreamz, had nominated a few other items for today's feature but as I was going through her shop, I ran across these stunning silver beauties showcased against - yes! my pumpkin color!!! She graciously agreed to my plan to feature these since metal jewelry is kind of hard to work in to a color feature, so here they are - Everyday silver hoop earrings with a twist!

I've been a fan of filigreecreations since the shop was born earlier this year, and I've been looking for an opportunity to show off some of Liga's work on my blog. Today's the day - although she has such a great array of colors in her shop that I could probably feature something several times a week! Mood lighting can add so much to a room's ambience, and these lamps provide endless possibilities in an exceptional, yet simple theme. Created with sewing thread and glue and the occasional paper napkin (and therefore designed to be used with energy saving low heat light bulbs ONLY) Liga's lamps and lampshades can provide that perfect touch of color to any room in the house. While most of her designs are versatile solid colors, I went for this rare patterned lamp in a cheerful sunflower design!

Finally, to add a touch of whimsy (and to satisfy my love of all things Star Trek), how about this adorable handknitted Star Trek Meerkat. Wearing command gold and sporting his trusty communicator, who else could this be but James Tiberius Kirk, captain of the Enterprise himself! You can find a number of these great Star Trek themed meerkats along with some other adorable critters at NiftyKnits. If you want a Star Trek meerkat with a red shirt, you'd better hurry because they always seem to disappear first. (If you're a Star Trek fan, you'll understand this!)

Beam me up, Scotty, I'm through here! I thoroughly enjoyed putting together today's post and I hope you enjoyed reading it. Stop by tomorrow when I feature some aqua goodies - contributions of your fabulous aquas are welcome and appreciated! For a bigger sample of the color of the day as well as more information on upcoming features, please click on "Be Featured" in the right sidebar of this blog under "Places to Visit"! As always, if you do have something in your shop or your favorites that you'd like to nominate for a future feature, just click here to e-mail me the link.

Have a great day!


Beth said...

Thanks for the clever use of my earrings in this feature! I love the way you ask for specific shades! I once had a friend ask if I had any purple earrings... I showed up at her door with 5 different shades! Turned out she needed plum :)

Thea said...

Nice finds. Yummmm. pumpkin ... Loved the meerkat :)

niftyknits said...

LOL you're so right about the guys in the red sweaters! Thank you for including Kirk, I shall pass the word around :-)

d3b...* said...

great selections i love it!

i may have an item that works on your next one!!


aubepine said...

Great picks!

filigreephotos said...

Wow! Thank you very much for featuring me! I loved the article and your blog is great!



My Mother's Garden said...

Another fun post. I had to smile when I saw Nifty's little Star Trek meerkat at the bottom. Great choices!

Midnightcoiler said...

I suddenly have the urge for a nice cold glass of orange juice. Wonderful touches of my favorite color. Great items all. Loving the Kirk meerkat...Live well and prosper!

Kim's Crafty Apple said...

fantastic finds in a fantastic color! just love the meerkat!

ViKotas said...

Melsart's necklace is very innovative and the meerkat is adorable

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