Monday, July 26, 2010

Color Wheel of Fortune 07.26.10

By the time I was done making my decisions for today's features, I was ready to just sit back and soak up some Tuscan sun. Unfortunately, I don't think a trip to Tuscany is in my future, so I'll be happy with the fact that I have the privilege of meeting so many talented shop owners in my searches for these wonderful items. On the average, I've been introduced to about 15 completely new shops per day and I have the pleasure of reconnecting with another 10 or so! It's so nice to hear the compliments about my blog, but it's even nicer to know that people are searching high and low to find items for upcoming features. I love to "read" the excitement when someone realizes that they have an item in their shop that fits a color or theme, as well as the cheer when someone finds out that their item was selected. I really do love all of my readers!

That being said, let's get on with the features! My first choice for today's merlot/burgundy/red wine color comes from one of my WWES buddies, ByTheWay. Jaci's shop is filled with some of the most amazing upcycled and vintage clothing items and accessories. This beautiful formal in grape and burgundy was lovingly transformed from a damaged Alfred Angelo DreamMaker that she rescued and gave new life. What a stunning piece she transformed it into!

D3bz, based out of Puerto Rico, offered these unusual purple wired earrings featuring lightweight faceted acrylic rounds with a freeform purple wired swirl. What I like about these is that they're so versatile - just unique enough to make them perfect to wear for fun, yet bold and daring enough to make a statement.

My last selection was sent to me by Barb, from Countryside Designs, her own independent online web store. Barb creates lovely hand painted glassware in a great variety of themes and designs in just about every color of the rainbow. I thought her Red Grape Wine Glass would be the perfect choice to end my feature of such a rich and vibrant wine color!

The hardest part of doing these features is trying to narrow the items down to three. There are always so many more I wish I could feature, but I want everyone to know that when I do look at your suggestions, I also take a look around the rest of your shop just in case I see something that might work even better for a future feature. So even tho you might not have gotten selected for a particular feature, or even if you have, please be sure to keep sending me your links and letting me know about your shops!

Tomorrow's feature is a rich and toasty light pumpkin and I'm looking forward to seeing all of your great submissions! For a bigger sample of the color of the day as well as more information on upcoming features, please click on "Be Featured" in the right sidebar of this blog under "Places to Visit"! As always, if you do have something in your shop or your favorites that you'd like to nominate for a future feature, just click here to e-mail me the link. Then be sure to check back to see what my final selections were!
I'll be back in a bit with a feature of my EtsyBlogger teammate Sykin, so be sure to come back and check out her feature!


SuZeFashion said...

Beautiful gown! I love the contrast of burgundy/grape and the neckline/"straps"! Great detailing!

Jaci said...

Thank you so much for including my gown in your grouping! I love your selections, those earrings would look lovely with the gown, and I can just imagine sipping a little burgundy from the glass while wearing those!

d3b...* said...

thank u so much!!! i love this idea is wonderful! those three items go perfect with each other i love em all! thank u a lot...*

niftyknits said...

great idea for a way to select features - and I always admire the way butheway can rescue and restore clothing. Fabulous work!

My Mother's Garden said...

What a fun way to post things! Bytheway's dress couldn't be a more perfect match for the merlot/red wine color choice! All three features look great!

Splendid Little Stars said...

such a beautiful, rich color! Once again, you've featured some wonderful items!

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