Monday, July 19, 2010

Color Wheel of Fortune 07.19.10

Sheesh... seems like it's feast or famine when it comes to finding certain colors, and today's feature color elicited a feast of items! Just when I was starting to think you were losing interest! I did narrow it down to a few items... yeah, I know, I said the features would include 3 items, but I just couldn't narrow it down anymore! So, on with the show :)

This very pretty little pottery shard necklace from VeryPrettyThing on Etsy is titled Safari. It features a rich brown and beige pottery shard focal with some added amber glass beads for a look that is rich and exotic.

Being an equal opportunity blog, my next featured item is available from BeadWizzard on Zibbet! These beautiful Bronzite Coin Drop Earrings feature rich polished bronzite coins accented with mother of pearl rounds for an earthy yet elegant design that goes well with anything from jeans to evening wear!

I figured I'd round out the jewelry features with a bracelet since I already had a necklace and earrings. SunshineDaydreamz (isn't that a cool name for a shop?!?) has this great little Chunky Brown Bracelet in striped Botswana agate. Botswana Agate is one of my absolute favorite gemstones - the striations and color changes are just amazingly beautiful and the nuggets that make up this bracelet are no exception!

For some reason, boathouses always remind me of an old favorite film - A Summer Place with Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue. Set in the late 50's, it's a romance about a young couple whose parents have issues with pretty much everything. In the movie, the couple is stuck together alone on an island overnight when a storm comes in... and they spend the night in a boathouse. All hell breaks loose the next morning and... well... watch the movie! Carolspaintingroom offers this print of a lovely little original watercolor painting of just such a Boathouse. I think this print would look wonderful in a den or family with a nautical theme and it would make a great gift for someone who enjoys boating!

CookbookAddict offered this nostalgic vintage 1941 Knox Build Up Plan recipe book published by Knox, the gelatin people. The illustrations are delightful and I think this would make a great birthday present for someone born in that year - especially since 2011 would mark their 60th birthday! What a great piece of yesteryear! (And yep, they believed gelatin was a health food back then!)

Great variety of items today - thanks for the opportunity to share them with you! Tomorrow's color is ice blue, so if you have anything in your shop that uses this color or you have a favorite item from another shop that does, click here to e-mail me the link and I'll check it out. You can see a larger sample of this color as well as future colors that I'll be featuring by clicking on the "Be Featured" link in the right sidebar. And yes, I'll say it again - be sure to pass the word about this fun opportunity to be featured on this blog and get those SEO-important linkbacks!

Hope your week is off to a wonderful start and I'm looking forward to seeing you here each day!


Carol said...

Thanks Karen! What a lovely blog you have!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Great color and great features :) Love Beth's bracelet!

Beth said...

Thanks so much for including my bracelet! And thanks to Edi too for a sweet comment :)

Nancy Trujillo said...

Great blog. Love your color wheel picks. What a great idea! Nan (Nansglam)

Splendid Little Stars said...

lovely choices in that warm chocolately color! ummm....that would be 70th birthday!
I've never see A Summer Place, but I know the theme song well. hummming...

Diana said...

What a great idea to do these colour features! I love brown, it's so warm and neutral.

I love your own jewelry too! That gold leaf necklace might be mine one day! I'd really love if you posted some of your stuff on my new site - it's free to post and sell and right now we'll even give you $5 when you list 20 items or more! Hope you can check it out!

eRiN said...

Great feature! Your bracelet looks great Sun :)

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