Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wordless Wednesday WhatIzIt 05.26.10

Okay, you've forced me to up my game and make these photos just a wee bit tougher. Can you figure out what this closeup is a part of? I'll be posting a link to the full photo of this object tomorrow, so be sure to satisfy your curiosity and check back to see if you were right! Happy guessing :)


Odin said...

It's the bottom of a starfish! ^^

I've seen these closeup before so I knew what it was beforehand, but you may want to download and rename your files before you publish them, other people can see a pretty descriptive title if they choose to "view" the picture.

mysticwynd said...

Leave it to my luck to have a starfish-gazer be the first one to answer. And I usually rename the files, but was taking the photos really late last night and must have forgotten to!

Congrats on having a keen eye!

reneek said...

Love the pics

Odin said...

Heehee! Totally understand, had many of those kind of nights! Lol, this was a lucky one for me too, I am never good at those types of puzzles, a lot of your other ones had me stumped! ^^

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