Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Artesia - fun. luxurious. natural

It's my pleasure today to feature one of my teammates from the BESTeam - Marie Jones of ArtesiaProducts on Etsy! ArtesiaProducts offers a wonderful collection of fresh natural skin care products hand-made in small batches, and the quality ingredients used in them come from the Earth’s plants and minerals. Marie is also fortunate to have her own "test monkeys" - a group of family and friends who are more than willing to try out her new products before she offers them to the public - so you can rest assured that you're receiving a product that has been tested and shown to be safe.

With a degree in Culture, Ecology, and Sustainable Community, Marie's passion for organically based, eco-friendly products doesn't end with her spa products. For each and every purchase made at Artesia, Marie has pledged to donate 10% of all sales to Water 1st International, a non-profit organization that grants funds to communities to establish sustainable safe water systems. You can check out their mission at http://www.water1st.org .

I've selected a few items from Marie's shop that would be a delight to try to mitigate the effects of the hot, dry weather here in Arizona. As I've gotten older, dry skin has become a real issue for me and I've found that I can't get away with ignoring my skin like I could in younger years.

I personally love products that can leave my skin with a tingly fresh sensation (must be those years of using Noxema as a teen!), so when I noticed this Peppermint Pumice Bar, I knew I would have to feature it! From Marie's description - "Moisturize and exfoliate your feet in one luxurious step! Rub this scrumptious bar over your dried-out dogs and experience the magic. Soothing cocoa butter softens your skin while pumice, baking soda, and Epsom salts polish away the rough spots. Peppermint oil adds a lovely pick-me-up and combined with the cocoa butter creates a yummy aroma of chocolate-mint cookies." Sounds like a wonderful product for anyone's tired tootsies!

Adzuki beans have been a component of Japanese skin care for centuries...and since Japanese women are known for their smooth, flawless complexions, there must be something to it! Powdered adzuki (Azuki) beans, in addition to their detoxifying properties, have both exfoliative and astringent properties, both of which help to refine skin, reduce large pores, and remove dead skin cells. In her Almond Adzuki Shower Scrub, Marie has combined these beans with ground almonds and oats to polish your skin, and added in cocoa butter to leave it soft and supple.

What about those days when not only your body could use some pampering, but your spirit could use some pampering too? Never fear, Tub Tea is here! Everyone has those days when your body and spirit needs to destress and what better way to end your stressful day than with a soak in a tub of lavender and rose petal scented water. Just drop one of these Relaxing and Soothing Lavender Lullaby Tub Tea Hearts in the water, and you'll have your own aromatherapy spa session in the comfort of your own home. Lavender buds, red rose petals, minerals, oats, buttermilk, and essential lavender, vanilla, and sandalwood oil will leave your spirit relaxed and your skin soothed in this delightful bath tea treat.

I hope you'll make ArtesiaProducts your next stop when shopping for skin care spa products. You'll also want to visit her delightful blog Artesia - fun. luxurious. natural and feed her fishies as you read her features and find out more about this lovely lady!


Nina said...

She has some new stuff! Awesome!

Artesia said...

Thank you for the lovely feature!

I love the cocoa butter scrubs for being proactive in the southwest dryness.

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