Saturday, November 21, 2009

Have Yourself a Modern Little Christmas...

Wow, where did today go? I woke up late this morning... ok, late for me - around 7:30 - and I've been on the go pretty much since then! We usually put our Christmas tree and decorations up the weekend after Thanksgiving, but since my stepson will be in for Thanksgiving and not Christmas (unless he can swing a really sweet flight deal), and since I'm going to be having to take it easy due to some surgery in early December, we decided "what the heck" and started decorating this weekend.

We spent part of our midday out shopping for some essentials - like our annual Christmas ornament and some replacement bulbs and even managed to pick up a couple of presents for the grandkids in the process. I had put up the tree last night (we have to do artificial because I'm allergic to something in the resin of real pines) and as soon as we got home from shopping, Al got to work replacing burnt out bulbs and as I write this, the tree is about half way decorated... but I needed a break. And then I realized that, OMG, I forgot to post my blog article today! And after I promised some fun and funky modern Christmas accessories. So, better late than never - and as promised, here's some great little fun holiday jewelry and trinkets for the more modern and trendy party-goer!

First, from storybird comes Modern Christmas Tree 28 - and there's even a special going on in the shop - buy 3 Scrabble Tile Pendants and get 1 free! What a deal... I liked this particular piece because it's got those cute little curls that I always associate with How the Grinch Stole Christmas... and the colors are definitely a modern take on traditional standards!

Next up is this fun and funky SANTA BABY Skull Fascinator Hair Clip which I found at artisansagogo. You've gotta love the little Santa hat! It can be worn not only as a hair clip, but works as a boutonniere or even a brooch for a dress!

For my final selection, I picked this Christmas Joy Holiday Bracelet from Beadspiration. Button jewelry is so popular right now, and this festive design would certainly add a touch of holiday spirit to any outfit!

Back to tree trimming for me! Hope your Saturday was a great one and I promise to be a little more timely with my post tomorrow!

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