Friday, November 20, 2009

Defiant, Glamorous, and Whimsical

No, not a description of yours truly... well, at least not completely ;)

Defiant happens to be the name of my computer on our home computer network. Most of you probably don't realize that your computer actually does have a name, but it does. Finding it depends on what type of computer you have because MACs store the information in a little bit different place than PCs. My husband chose the name Defiant for my computer because he decided that he wanted computer names that had something to do with Star Trek Deep Space Nine. (and you thought it was because of what??? hmmm???) Defiant happens to be one of the starships from Deep Space Nine. Another piece of our equipment is Promenade - the social venue on DS9... and well, you get the idea.

Most computer networks, like those you might be a part of at work, use themed groupings to identify their computers. Popular themes are names of spiders, or flowers, or even as in one company that Al worked with in the past, the names of the seven dwarfs. So whether your computer name is generic or whimsical, I thought it would be an interesting point to touch on in today's post!

On to glamorous and whimsical... as I mentioned yesterday, with all of the company holiday parties in the near future, I wanted to give you some great ideas for accessories and jewelry to polish your particular look. Today I decided to visit some of the shops from my fellow hitchhikers on the Handmade Highway and show you some of the glamorous and whimsical items they have that would be perfect additions to your holiday fashion statement.

I've always loved the glamorous elegance of an upswept hairstyle for a special occasion, so whether you're wearing your tresses in a classic chignon or more elaborate updo, this Aluminum Blossoms Hair Fork from mairzydozy on Etsy will add a touch of both glamour and whimsy with its shimmery, silvery floral design.

What you're carrying defines your look almost as much as what you're wearing, and for the holidays, nothing adds a bit of Christmas-y color and sophistication like a red velour clutch. I found this beautiful Burgundy Red Luxury Clutch with Silk Lining at ClutchThat on Etsy. Wouldn't it look divine with your wintry ivory or black formal?

The last item I chose is from my holiday collection at MysticWynd on Etsy. I'm in the process of listing all of my latest holiday goodies, so these Blue Christmas Holiday Earrings are only one of about 5 different colors and styles I'll be posting in this type of design. Whimsical and designed to look like miniature Christmas tree ornaments, they're also lightweight and comfortable!

Tomorrow's shopping trip will focus on the funkier and much more contemporary looks of Christmas present. Until then, hope your Friday is a great one and that your weekend starts off wonderfully well!


Ani said...

Beautiful things! I love the hair comb and the blue and silver earrings especially.

My computer's name is FaerieQueen!

fsmwtf said...

It was also called Defiant to reflect the primary user of the computer. Yes, I'm ducking now. ;-)

Baroness Bijoutery said...

That hair comb is so beautiful..makes me wish I still had long hair...

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