Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas Past and Future Together for the Present!

I have this fascination with Steampunk. Being a sci-fi and fantasy literature fan, some of my favorite books and movies range from such old time classics as Things to Come and The Time Machine through to futuristic films like the Terminator movies, Star Trek, and even Dark City.

The Steampunk genre of design combines the romance of the Victorian/19th century ages with the futuristic elements first dreamt of in the imaginations of early science fiction and fantasy authors like HG Wells and Jules Verne, for a unique look that is truly fantastic!

Today's shopping spree for steampunk style holiday accessories started in the shop of PixieStixx with this OOAK victorian steampunk MINI TOP HAT with red antlers. These mini top hats are a great way to add a "WOW" factor to your fashion flair and the addition of the antlers to this piece makes it unmistakably holiday festive!

My next stop was JewelsByNature where I came across this gorgeous necklace - Christmas Time - Steampunk . I love the wintry Christmas theme complete with a crystal topped tree, leaves and even snowflakes! There's a couple of other holiday inspired pieces there, but this was my personal favorite!

For my last selection, I picked this Steampunk Ring from edmdesigns at Etsy. While it's not exactly Christmas themed, I think you'll have to admit that it's really gorgeous with its beautiful red crystal accent! I love the industrial and futuristic feel of the design and I think it would look great for any occasion.

I'm planning on doing another feature of Steampunk from a gifting point of view within the next week or so, because I ran across some really fun and beautiful examples of this unique art form while I was "windows shopping", so stay tuned!

Happy Tuesday!


Jac-Ber Creations said...

The ring is fabulous!

Todd Zoz said...

that ring is stunning. Ive never seen anything like that. Can you put up a link to that sellers shop? would be nice to see the other items they have for sale, especially if they are as creative as this one.

S Ipkus said...

Love all of these , especially the ring. Really stands out and Im loving the rest of their items. To the previous comment, Todd, there already is a link to the shop. Just click on the name in the description or click on the picture and you should find yourself at the shop. Very interesting stuff thanks Mystic!

W. O. said...

I love the ring, especially. All of Edm's designs are stunning and original, and this piece certainly highlights that fact. Their entire collection is worth looking through, you're sure to find something you like.

Anonymous said...

The ring is pretty freaking cool, but there are a few other items in edmdesigns etsy store that i love and have bookmarked for christmas shopping. etsy really provides the perfect platform for artists such as edmdesigns to showcase their skills. bravo.

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