Saturday, October 17, 2009

Knight in Shining Armor

Growing up in the Midwest, the third Saturday of October was always celebrated as Sweetest Day - a day to acknowledge the sweet hearts (as opposed to the sweethearts of Valentine's Day) of people in your life. Over the years, it has taken on a more romantic connotation, but it was originally conceived to remember orphans, shut-ins, and other often neglected and underprivileged peoples of society.

As a child, I would give my parents and grandmother some small handmade token on Sweetest Day, and I also had a couple of favorite neighborhood "adopted grandparents" that I would pick fall flowers from our garden for. As I got older, I was involved in some volunteer work with the elderly through scouts and some other community programs, and Sweetest Day would include visits to those in nursing homes with small goody bags to remind them that someone was thinking of them. And of course by the time I was in high school and dating, Sweetest Day was a special day for something just a bit more romantic than usual.

I've never really stopped celebrating Sweetest Day - in fact I introduced my husband, the Great WOO to it when we met and each year we try to do something special for each other as a way of saying thank you for all of things that we sometimes forget to acknowledge in our day to day life. Today, I wanted to say my thank you to my husband Al here... shortly after we met, I bought him a small figurine of a knight on a horse - because Al was, and still is, my knight in shining armor. He has stood by my side, supporting my decisions, going above and beyond in so many situations, always there with a helping hand when my family needed anything, and just one of the sweetest and biggest hearts you could ever meet. Since he and I share a love of the Medieval age I thought it might be fun to find some items on Etsy that had to do with knights in shining armor. in fact, our master bedroom is decorated in an expansive medieval theme, complete with swords, and shields, and knights, and dragons, and wizards! I hope you enjoy my favorites finds!

This wonderful Knight with Crest hand painted figurine from bigbp88 on Etsy is gorgeous, and the crest can be customized with your own family coat of arms!

After a hard day slaying dragons, even the bravest and noblest of knights would welcome a tankard of his favorite hearty drink. This Laser Engraved Clan Badge Tankard from WhereDragonsTread is simply gorgeous!

Ladies, whether you have your own knight in shining armor already or are still looking for one, this Knight in Shining Armor Bracelet from Serrelynda at Etsy is a great addition for anyone who appreciates the romance and historical wonder of the days of Camelot.

Happy Sweetest Day and as always, happy Shopping!


Merily said...

What a great idea for a day! I've never heard of Sweetest Day, but that's a holiday I could get into! :D

serrelynda said...

So nice to know about Sweetest Day..I think I have seen it on calendars before, but didn't really give it any thought. My husband is my knight in shining armor too. Glad to hear there are other great men out there, thank you for portraying the bracelet from my shop.

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