Monday, September 21, 2009

It's Winner Time! Will You Be Spicing Up Your Jewelry with some Thai?

Today's winner will be receiving this amazing Thai WhirlyGig Necklace, featuring a vintage Thai bead - which will come to her courtesy of CrystalPearl on Etsy.

So, to let you know how our day has gone so far... I cornered the Great WOO as he was leaving our office to grab some BREAKFAST. Yes, I know it's noon, but neither of us has had a chance to grab anything to eat yet! It can only get easier from here, right? Please say "right"... please?

Anyway, Al did his WOO thing and (imagine some oriental music playing in the background and then a gong being struck here) selected the slip of paper with none other than Altered Beauty's name on it. So congratulations go out to Altered Beauty!!! I'll be in touch for your contact information.

Check back a little later today for the next great giveaway - which will be coming your way shortly from DesignsbyKari.

1 comment:

Altered Beauty said...

I am so lucky with your blog giveaways! Thank you so much! I look forward to wearing this beautiful necklace!!!

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