Thursday, October 18, 2012

Treasures Within

Where do you keep all of your little trinkets and treasures?  My dresser has its share of trinket boxes in a variety of sizes and shapes - some gifts received throughout the years, others chosen by me for a special purpose or because they appealed to something in my spirit.  I also have a jewelry armoire to help me keep track of my jewelry and smaller accessories.  If I could justify it, I'd probably have a collection of trinket and jewelry boxes for no other reason than because I loved them for this reason or that.  I guess there's just something intriguing about opening a little box to explore the treasures hidden away there...

With so many shapes, styles, and themes to choose from, it was hard narrowing down my favorite trinket and jewelry box finds to just a few to share with you here today, but I hope you'll find something you like too!

Wooden "Last Rose of Summer" Woodburned Box by WillowSwitchDesigns

Turquoise Treasure Box by MosaicRenaissance

Pink Betsy Keepsake Box by FunWallArt

Magic Hidden Drawer Wooden Puzzle Handmade Jewelry Box by KalotArt

Yellow Flower on Black Trinket Box by PaintingFromTheHeart

Stained Glass Jewelry Boxes by GlassMagic

Jewelry Box with Secret Compartments by WatsWood

Industrial Style Customized Box by NYCostumer

Hand Carved Clay Box by ClayScenes

Don't forget, these lovely boxes are the perfect way to present a lovely piece of jewelry (something from Mystic Wynd perhaps?) or other small trinket on any special occasion, and of course they make enchanting gifts all by themselves!

Happy Shopping... and Blessings!

1 comment:

watswood said...

Nice collection of boxes!
Thanks for including my helical box.

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