Monday, October 15, 2012

This Magic Moment...

This magic moment is brought to you by the creative spirit of the universe through the talents of some fantastic artists and artisans on Etsy.

The world of magic and mystery is a world shrouded in the gossamer veil of the unknown.  It's a place of the mind and spirit, unfettered by the trappings of the "normal" world of everyday consciousness.  It's a world of ancient knowledge, mystical practices, and the unexplainable... a world where illusion is reality, and the impossible is the probable.  It calls upon an ages old energy, reminding us of all that was, that is still, and will ever be.

It appeals to that tiny little part of us, that innocent and accepting child in all of us, that remembers what we were before we became ourselves... and it is, well... magical!

The World Beyond print 8 x 10 by TwigStudioArt

Wizard Figurine Sculpture in Blown Glass with Amethyst Crystal by ProchaskaGallery

Ancient Magick Potion Bottle Vessel with Metal Stand . Amber by WhiteMagickAlchemy

Dragonfly Fairy Door by ClayByKim

Santas Magic Key For Our Home With No Chimney Sign by AppalachianPrimitive

Harry Potter Style Bocote Wooden Magic Wand by MagicalAlley

Etched Copper Cuff - Alchemical Symbols by JamieSpinello

Kundalini Energy Amulet by EarthAmulets

Mardi Gras Mask by PalmStreetStudio

Enter - Doorway to Nowhere Photo Print by EyePoetryPhotography

Hope your day is filled with enough magic and mystery to make it memorable!  Blessings ~

1 comment:

Kim Detmers said...

Thank you so much Karen! Very inspiring and beautiful!
Kim :)

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