Sunday, October 7, 2012

Picking Up Where I Left Off

Yes, I've been away for a bit. Yes, I have some very good reasons.  No, I'm not posting them here... but if you'd really like to know (and a few of you probably already do know), drop me a contact note and I'll be happy to share the details.

It's good to be back - and it's awesome to be able to say that.  It's hard to believe that the holidays are looming so close, and I must admit that I can't wait.  It does mean that business is going to get hectic, between promoting and (hopefully, lots of) sales, but it also means I have the opportunity to share some of my new items with you as well as treat you to some amazing finds from a bevy of talented artisans and vintage sellers with a flair for the unique.  I'll be bringing back my "6 on Saturday" feature, as well as doing some in-depth interviews with some of the sellers on Etsy as well as other handmade marketplaces.

Gift guide posts were a hit last year, so those will be back as well. I'll be posting a schedule of colors and/or topics I'll be looking for shortly (look for a new tab in the navigation tabs sometime tomorrow) , so if you're a seller and you have something that fits the bill that you'd like me to share with my audience, be sure to let me know!

Fall is well underway, and with it, comes the luscious warmth of orange hues, rusty tones, and brilliant fiery color... so I'd love to share a few of my more autumnal pieces from my Etsy shop, Mystic Wynd.  Just click on the photos and you'll be taken directly to the item listing in my shop! Please stop by and check out the rest of the shop too - never too early to start that holiday shopping, now is it?



Yankee Burrow Creations said...

ok, that neckace is a keeper...for me. lol

Karen said...

Thanks Deb... I have so many ideas for new things - now it's just finding the time to get them together and listed!

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