Saturday, October 20, 2012

It's About Time

It flies. It heals all wounds. Occasionally it may seem to stand still. We budget it, try to save it, kill it. Some of us obsess about it, others have no sense of it. It is the great equalizer. It's time - and as much as we wish we it wasn't, awareness of it keeps our world running just a little smoother. 

Luckily, there are many wonderful ways to keep track of time and I've found some amazing ones to share with you today.  Let's not waste any more time - on with the show!

Vintage Alarm Clock from SovietEra

Custom Engraved Sundial by OfTimeAndPlace

Vintage 30 Minute Wooden Hourglass from ToysNwhatNot

Vintage Black Forest Cuckoo Clock from LoLovesVintage

Full Size Grandfather Clock by Shamrockfinewoodwork

Steampunk Pocket Watch by GlazedBlackCherry

GARDEN WARMTH- Butterfly Glass Beaded ID Lanyard with watch by CJsInspirations

Large Wall Clock Kit by mrsmo5

Steampunk Watch Cuff by Aranwen

Well, I'm out of time now, but I hope you liked the selections I've shared with you.  Take some time and visit all of these great shops and please remember to support small business owners. 


1 comment:

Vicky aka Aranwen said...

Lovely blog post :) Indeed time is something we have to make peace with, and put in good use!

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