Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Eco-Friendly Finds

Eco-friendly is always a tag I'm glad to see when I'm browsing for items to buy.  We have enough landfills filled with toxins and plastics and all kinds of other yucky stuff - it's always refreshing to me to find shops that take our environment seriously and shoppers who prefer organic over chemical laden, and reusable over disposable.

Today's topic is eco-friendly finds and these are just a few of the great items that fit that category - Enjoy!

My grandchildren love to pretend play and this year we entered the world of felted food. I think I'm probably more hooked on it than they are.  I don't think there's a food that I've looked for in a felted or crocheted version that I haven't been able to find somewhere.  The more realistic looking, and more adaptable the better - like this cheeseburger/fries/chicken nuggets extravaganza from CreationbyM. Looks good enough to eat!

What to do with all of those small broken crayon pieces?  Well, one way to not let them go to waste is to recycle them into bigger crayons like Caroline from LooneyJoonTees does. While she has a variety of shapes to choose from, I like the shape and look of these sweet recycled jumbo crayon hearts.

ImaginationKids offers a shop full of toys made from "sustainably harvested wood, AP Certified non-toxic paint, and ... homemade natural wood polish made from beeswax, jojoba oil, and essential oils." Sounds like a winner for anyone who prefers safe, organic, durable toys for their little ones. I love this bright and colorful rainbow stacker, don't you?

Toys and children's crafts aren't the only things that are ecofriendly, of course. There are some beautiful and functional items that really do their job in helping to balance the strain we put on our eco system.  I know quite a few people who swear by such items as these wool dryer balls from CleanSypria. You'll receive a wonderful education on the benefits of using dryer balls in shopowner Tara's product description, so be sure to check them out!

There's something uniquely beautiful about the grain, texture, and imperfection of rough wood... it's earthy, it's one of a kind, and whether it's a storm damaged or fallen tree, there is still magic to be made with it.  Robert Goforth of downtoearthwoodworks is one of those artisans who can bring that magic out in the wooden cutting boards he fashions from just such pieces.  Whether you prefer a more traditional clean cut board or a one of a kind rough cut board like this one, you'll be sure to love knowing that you've given new purpose to something that might have otherwise become firewood.

 I love crocheted face scrubbies - they're wonderful for sensitive skin, environmentally friendly since they can be washed and disinfected over and over again, and when you can buy them in colorful assortments like this set of crocheted cotton yarn scrubbies from RadiantApparel, they are a great deal too! Perfect as an addition to a spa gift basket or as a gift all by themselves, treat yourself or a friend to a set soon! 

Nothing goes to waste at PrairieThreads.  Shopowner and artisan Laura even uses her fabric scraps to created beautiful coiled fabric bowls like this Galaxy Purple Round Coiled Bowl / Basket. I think it would make a lovely hostess or housewarming gifts - maybe filled with some delicious rolls or muffins from your kitchen!

You can be fashionable and eco-friendly too, as these last two featured items attest to.  First up is this fun and fashionable Jersey Tshirt infinity Necklace by Scrapbugs. Perfect for a comfortable touch of color, and a trendy gift option too!

 Another reclaimed wood product, this BFF keychain set from StarlightWoods is not only eco-friendly, but your BFF is sure to appreciate the humor (and truth!) behind the message on the wooden charm.  Of course, if you prefer a differ message, there are a variety of sayings to choose from. (I have to admit I love the one that's shown in the product photo!)

Of course there are many, many, many more ecofriendly items to choose from, but I hope you'll take a moment to introduce yourself to the awesome shops featured here.

Be sure to stop back by tomorrow when I'll be sharing some of my favorite handmade Halloween decor items from some very talented artists and artisans.

Have a blessed day - and happy shopping!

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