Thursday, October 11, 2012

Creative Costumes

Halloween costumes are getting more amazing every year.  When I was little, we had those tacky costumes with the thin hard plastic masks and the one piece how-do-I-get-into-this-without-ripping it jumpsuits.  The other option was typically some burnt cork smudged on your face to give the effects of being a hobo or a football player.  I usually opted for some old clothes or fabric scraps out of the storage trunks in the basement - and while they never fit right, they were perfect for creating everything from a pilgrim to a nun to a Japanese geisha girl.

Today's kids (and adults) have a bazillion more options, and I'm happy to share some of my favorite costume finds from Etsy here with you today.  Even if you haven't decided on what to dress up your little munchkins (or yourself) as for trick-or-treat night yet, there are still shops that are accepting orders and shipping adorable costumes. Maybe you'll find the perfect costume today! Enjoy!

Robin Hood, The Huntsman from Snow White, Link from Zelda - whatever you decide, this costume from arainydayplay will work perfectly!

One of my favorites for sheer cuteness appeal, dress up your toddler this sack of potatoes costume from TatersPlace.  Chances are good, it'll be an instant hit and definitely the only one in the neighborhood!

Sushi costumes continue to be one of the latest crazes in Halloween attire.  Your baby or toddler will look good enough to eat in this Baby Sushi Costume from TheWishingElephant.

TheCostumeCafe is still serving up some adorable Halloween costumes for infants and toddlers too.  I think this Strawberry costume is not only enchanting, but it's made to fit comfortably over clothes so your little one will be cute and warm on that often nippy Halloween evening.

Your young guy or girl can be a little geeky, a little scary, and a whole lot of unique in one of the costume capes from pipandbean.  My favorite is this Deep Sea Angler Fish costume!

This too-cute "Cornucopia" Scarecrow Halloween Costume by fwcreations4all is just one version of a time honored favorite that is still available and perfect for a country themed Halloween party or event!

Tutu dress costumes continue to be popular and the AGNUS The Witch Halloween Costume Tutu Dress Set from taddletellshop includes a dress, hat and broom so you won't have to hunt them down separately.

I haven't forgotten the adults!  This Bat Girl Corseted Halloween Costume from TheBohemianGoddess is fabulous - and today, for one day only (10/11/2012), it's on sale!

Calling all Dr Who fans!  Pay homage to your favorite doctor's favorite way to travel through time and space with this fantastic Doctor Who TARDIS Dress from repurposefulPUNK.

Can't forget about our furbabies, of course.  How about dressing up your cat or pooch in this fun-tastic Terracotta Terrier Chia Pet Dog Halloween Costume from LupitasChicBoutique? Love it!

Whatever you dress up as, or dress your little ones up as, be sure to have a safe, happy Halloween!  Happy Shopping - and blessings...


customteddys said...

My Mom made me braids one year from an old pair of black leotards... I was supposed to be an Indian princess.

Karen said...

Love it! Now that's creative! One of my more creative moments (imho) was making a papier mache space helmet for one of my sons and covering it in foil the year he was an astronaut.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

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