Thursday, May 10, 2012

Paper Posies from Cutesy Bootsie

365 Days of Creativity - Day 10 - Guest Blogger/Tutorial

Hi! I'm Brook from Cutesy Bootsie.  I blog about things I love - fashion, crafts, food, TV, and random things going on in my life. I also have an Etsy shop by the same name where I sell hand knit items for adults and babies.  The store is pretty empty now because of the season but it will be back in full swing come fall. I'm excited to be guest blogging here today.  MysticWynd is a great shop and blog. 

Mother's Day is Sunday.  Are you prepared?  Whether your mother is near, far, or in heaven this weekend, this is craft inspired by her.  I love this idea because it also recycles old magazines.  I don't know about you but between a few magazine subscriptions and catalogs I receive, there are mounds of glossy paper I recycle each month.  This was a project my friend Jenna from withsprinklesplease originally introduced me to.  She did it as a craft project with her little girl.  I gave it my own spin so feel free to give it yours.

finished product
Magazines or catalogs
Scissors - regular ol' scissors or fancy craft scissors
Hot glue gun (fun!!)
Buttons (everyone has a button jar, right?)
Something to act as your circle templates - I use different sizes of drinking glasses.

To start, find some pages that have interesting patterns or colors on them.  Really, whatever speaks to you.  Rip out a few pages. After you find some images you like, use your glass to trace the circle.  Cut it out making sure your pencil marks are outside the area you cut.

Don't think I'm crazy but now, crumple up the circles.  This give the final flower some nice texture.

When you flatten them back out, start to layer them together.  I used hot glue.  Jenna sewed them together with the button on top.  I glue the button on the top because I'm lazy that way.
glued together flower
You could stick a skewer on the back like I did or put a brooch pin on it.  Cute!  Since I wanted mine to stand up straight in the vase, I put a small piece of floral foam in the bottom and then stuck the skewers right into it.

Voila!  An easy (seriously, 5 minutes) bouquet Mom can keep because it will never wilt.

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