Monday, May 7, 2012

The ABCs of Creativity

No matter how creative most people think crafters and artists are, the truth is that we all suffer from creativity block at times... you know - those days when you walk into your studio or work area and your mind just can't flex its creative muscles.  The good thing is that creativity usually isn't hiding very far away - it's just a matter of finding the right thing to do to get inspired.  Here's an ABC list of things you can do to wake up your creative muse -

Acknowledge.  Sometimes your creative block just wants to be noticed. Listen to it, learn from it, and acknowledge its existence.  Then move on.

Break your routine.  Sometimes it's just that simple.  If you tackle things in the same order every day, change it up just a little. Eat dessert first.

Commit. if you really must be creative and are struggling, just push through it.  Try anything and everything, and if at first you don't succeed - try, try, again.

Dance in front of a mirror.  Okay, you won't catch me doing this one - that third left foot does me in every time. The activity will energize you, and the reflection will either make you smile or downright laugh - either way you'll come away feeling good.

Essential Oils - There are a variety of essential oils that are known to kick start creativity or keep you in a creative mood. It's a fact that scent stirs memories, and memories stir creativity and emotion.  From energizing peppermint and citrus, to comforting vanilla or jasmin, keep a variety on hand to give you just the lift you need.

Fresh Air - Open a window, turn on a fan, clear the cobwebs away from your brain with a fresh dose of fresh air.

Giggle.  Guffaw.  Laugh out loud.  Laughter really IS the best medicine.  It releases all kinds of healthy, healing, mind opening chemicals.

Housework.  Yes, the H-word. There's just something about tackling the laundry that kicks creativity into high gear and makes us want to get back to crafting.

Indulge yourself.  Plan a reward when you get your project(s) done.  It can be something as simple as an hour to do absolutely nothing, or as extravagant as a weekend getaway.  After all, you're the boss!

Journal your thoughts. Take a few minutes a day to jot down your thoughts and feelings about your day.  Just putting them on paper can be healing, and it will serve as a future source of inspiration to boot!

Knees.  Get down on yours and thank the universe that you aren't always like this.  Connecting with the universal consciousness can be quite inspiring if you let it!

Light up your room to light up your mind.  Pull up the shades, open the blinds, draw back the drapes. Natural sunlight is energizing and sometimes the view outside your window is all you need to feel inspired.

Music - turn on your favorite music, comfortably loud.  Music is the number one mentioned thing that creative people say gets their creative juices flowing.

Notes - Take 'em, copious amounts of them.  As soon as an idea comes into your head, write it down.  Even if you don't use it immediately, you may use them on another day that you're struggling.

Observe your surroundings... the more you take notice of in the world around you, the more opportunity you'll have to find inspiration.

Play.  Let your inner child surface.  Whether it's playing with your furbaby, or just doing something playful with or to whomever happens to be around, you'll come away energized and clear-headed.

Quit trying to do it all.  The world will not end if you don't get something done this minute. Not going with the flow of your creativity can actually lead to "blocks." Learn to delegate and make sure people take your work seriously if you sell your crafts.

Read.  Your favorite novel, an online newspaper or magazine, the ingredients on your cereal box, my blog. Reading may well be one of the best ways to get your imagination moving, because as you read the words, you're likely to envision what you're reading about... voila, no more sleeping imagination.

Sleep - even if it's just a short nap.  So many people force themselves to stay awake when they're tired, and when you're fighting those sleep hormones, your brain simply is not going to function at its optimum.

Teach someone something.  By stepping others through a process, you may find yourself or the person you're teaching coming up with ways to improve or change the way you do something.

Unplug.  From your computer, your iPod, your cellphone.  Multi-tasking constantly can be counterproductive when you think of how much work your brain has to do flipping from one activity to the next.

Vitamins. Make sure you're getting yours, as well as your minerals - and preferably through the food you eat. People who eat a wide variety of brightly colored fruit, leafy veggies, and fish and nuts packed with omega-3 fatty acids have improved focus, better memories, and better health overall.

Walk away for a while - sometimes your brain just needs a break, so take one yourself! Better yet, take your dog for a walk - they'll love you for it!

Xenolith.  Okay, I simply like the word.  It has nothing to do with creativity - except now you'll want to know what it means, so you'll look it up, and you may just find something on the page that spurs your creative spirit.

Yoga. Use some basic form and meditation to relax and clear your mind.  Until they come up with a way to defrag a brain like you can defrag a computer, remember to give your brain some quiet time... you'll be amazed at how quickly your creativity returns!

Zone.  Get in yours. Set yourself up for success by doing what's tried and true to get your creativity flowing, but once you're there, focus and feel the joy that your creativity brings. It's addictive!

Now that you know mine, what are your favorite ways to deal with creativity block?  Leave a comment and share your tips!

Have a great day :)



Yankee Burrow Creations said...

great suggestions...especially the cleaning one. When I clean my art studio, I generally find something I started, or an impulse purchase I forgot I had, and before I know, my studio is still messy, but I'm happy. :~)

Andi said...

A great list! I often use music as a way to get me moving again. Another thing I like to do is to try something new - it's refreshing, gives me new energy, and I come away ready to tackle some of my older projects.

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