Saturday, January 14, 2012

6 on Saturday - Edition 8

It's been awhile since my last 6 on Saturday feature, but I didn't want to let another week go by without introducing you to some great shops you just may not have visited yet!  Picking up where I left off a couple months ago, every Saturday, I will be featuring new, undiscovered and underdiscovered shops on Etsy that haven't hit the criteria for syndication yet, which will give them much needed visibility on Google shopping. I'm happy to share some of these great shops with you, and hopefully give them a little leg-up on their entrepreneurial journey!

Now, without further ado, here's today's 6 on Saturday... drum roll please!!!

Flissitations, searchable as Fliss01 on Etsy, is the outlet for the creative whimsy and talents of Phyllis Braham of Cheshire in the UK. Phyllis offers a wonderful selection of art prints, personalized gifts, and greeting cards featuring her artwork as well as inspirational messages. Flissitations has been open for business just about a month as of this writing, and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the variety and quality of the items you'll find there - so please stop by and check it out!

Crystals, gemstones, and wire are the passion of Stormy from whimsywishesbystormy. She's been crafting jewelry since childhood, started selling it at craft fairs in 2006, and recently, upon the birth of her fourth child, Stormy has decided to focus her attention on selling in the online marketplace. As you can guess by my own work, I love jewelry artisans who don't narrow their field of focus much. It can make catering to a niche market next to impossible and it certainly takes more time since so many designs are one of a kind, but I love shops like Stormy's where you'll be treated to a great variety of techniques and styles - it's almost like visiting a jewelry buffet!

Ralyha81, or Rachel Mullen as she's known to family and friends, hails from Holly Springs, NC, and you'll find her shop filled with adorable handmade hair accessories for girls and women of all ages. From punky and funky pom-pom headbands to elegant and sophisticated rolled fabric flowers, there is something for every taste and occasion in her shop. Rachel welcomes the opportunity to design custom accessories and plans to extend her accessory line to offer things for boys at some time in the near future!  Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I'm thinking one of her lovely red floral designs would be just perfect for you or your little princess!

Next up is the woodworking talents of William and Kathy Lanford and their shop, founditinthebarn. As former owners of a furniture making company years ago, they've revived their interest in handcrafting fine wooden products from domestic and exotic woods that have been recycled, rescued, and/or harvested from environmentally responsible sources. Along with their dog and a couple of cats, they make their home in Eagle River, Wisconsin - the "Snowmobiling capital of the world." Founditinthebarn offers not only lovely household items like cutting boards and wood handled kitchen tools, but they also offer some lovely woodworking supplies.

"Classic Americana Dry Goods" is the working title for my next shop - EastRiverTrading. Their philosophy is simple and to the point, " We think everything you put on your body, in your body or your home should be made with some love and care."  And that is what you will find at EastRiverTrading . Whether it's something to wear -  like one of their classic aprons or neckwarmers, or something for your home like their felties, or even one of their skincare products, you get the sense that they've made it with love and care - and maybe just a little good old-fashioned "New Yawker" attitude. (I know that attitude well, since my hubby is a New Yawker too!). Stop by their shop and be sure to check out some of their descriptions - they're sure to leave you smiling!

Couldn't finish this up without a look at a Vintage seller, and today's choice was GabriellasTreasures - vintage everything! If you're looking for vintage clothes, housewares, or even some great collectibles, hop on over and take a peek at what shopowner Patricia currently has to offer.  I'm so impressed by the great outerwear that is currently being offered - they simply don't make coats in these classic styles anymore - and I'd venture a guess that the fabric is much higher quality than all but the very high end market coats available today.  But judge for yourself - and be sure to check out the rest of the goodies at GabriellasTreasures while you're there.

That's it for my first "6 on Saturday" feature of 2012. As always, if you're just starting out or know of a shop that is and would enjoy a feature, introduce me to the shop and you may find it featured in one of my future 6 on Saturday features. Use the "Contact Me" option in the menu bar at the top of the page and send me the links!

Best of luck to these un- and underdiscovered shops - and happy shopping to you all!!



Rose said...

Awesome shops as always! I especially like Flissitations (that elephant print is too cute) and the wooden kitchen items. Off to check out the print.

Brooklyn said...

I'm a huge fan of the East River Trading Co! I use their hand lotion every day and love their vintage aprons!

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