Monday, November 7, 2011

Mixed Bag Monday - Feeling Frazzled

It's Monday - just after 5:30 PM local time - do you know where your sanity is?  I lost mine hours ago and don't expect to see it again today. Whoever thinks having an online business selling handmade items is a piece of cake should try it sometime - I'm sure there are many of us who would love to have a short vacation!  Between reading and answering e-mails, packing orders, tweeting, updating and interacting a bit on Facebook, checking for changes on websites, reading about google's latest algorithm changes, updating listings, taking and editing photographs of my work, and participating in some team activities on Etsy, after this blog post is up, I'm finally (hopefully) going to get around to some actual creating - or at least jotting down ideas! But you know what?  I LOVE it! I love the work (it's better than the alternative), the frustration (because it means I get to learn something new), the people (my friends and customers are the best!), and the community (the amount of talent, inspiration, and motivation out there is amazing!

Since I'm feeling frazzled, I thought it'd be fun to share a few of the items I love that reflect my state of being and mind on days like this.  Seems that I'm not alone or else people just have really great imaginations!

Silly sign - Good Morning by TheHeadsCreation

I'm Not Tense Just Terribly Terribly Alert - glass tile pendant from SnarkyandSweet

STRESS Needlepoint Pillow by Beenstitchin

Art Doll - Anxiety by MissMillificent

Stressed Out Button by kohaku16

inhale exhale repeat hand stamped sterling silver necklace by PunkyJane

How's YOUR Monday been??



Anonymous said...

I think many people really do believe we wake up and our product is ready and the camera elves came and shot the photos and then the geeks fo the weeks came and uploaded everthing. Leaving us with plenty of time for all the communications involved. :)


Linda B said...

I need camera elves! Great post, I'm a little disorganized since my jewelry show items are now packed in my living room instead of the garage.

mysticwynd said...

I would LOVE to have camera elves! And bookkeeping elves, and SEO elves. The creating, writing, and packaging parts I enjoy. Ah, perhaps one day...

Rose said...

I would much rather be doing all of the work involved with having an Etsy shop than another job. Love your stress/anxiety items! I need one of them. :)

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