Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wishful Wednesday... Twinkies

Today, I'm wishing I were Twinkies (that's one of our family terms for twins), just so I could get everything done that I need to!  Although in all honesty, I think I may have to want to be Zingers, since I can use all the help I can get! But alas and alack, that is not my fate for now, so I thought it might be fun to feature some items that are sold in pairs!

Grab a drink and a snack, and let's take a look at some awesome items that caught my eye -

I'm fascinated by the crop circle phenomenon, so when I saw this pair of mugs from CropCircleClay, I went into New Age mode and had to add them to my favorites. Not only are the turquoise and chocolate colors awesome, but in addition to the crop circles, they are infused with healing Reiki energy - and the text can be customized with anything you choose!  I gotta admit though, I really love the set as shown!

The ambience created by candlelight is nothing less than magical. I'm so easily mesmerized by watching the flicker of a candle flame that the trials of the day seem to float away as the shadows dance and play.  I was drawn to these Stained Glass Candle Holders from GreenhouseGlassworks by the beauty of their earthy simplicity and the fact that they're small enough to grace virtually any space you want to enjoy them in!
What's not to love about fingerless gloves?  Believe it or not, it really does get cold enough here in the desert during the winter that these would come in pretty handy (especially since I pretty much live in t-shirts and pants year round). These lovely arm warmers from TempoDesigns are definitely a great way to keep those arms and wrists warm, and in those often drafty office spaces, that's such a plus!

Bath bombs are a great little way to indulge yourself, or a sweet little gift to someone you'd just like to say "You're special to me!"... not to mention they make great stocking stuffers or secret Santa gifts for those office holiday celebrations. ElegantRoseBoutique offers a variety of bath bombs, but these darling Rose Scented Heart Bath Bombs are so cute, I had to share - especially since they come as a pair! 

Of course, my inner crafter came out and I had to look for at least one item that appeals to my creative spirit.  Let me tell you, it wasn't easy to narrow it down to just one, but since this is kind of a Wish list, when I spied these spectacular Lampwork honeybee beads at Kerribeads, I knew my search was over.  I love the level of detail on these focals, and you'll find the same amazing detail on all of the items in this shop.  Truly beautiful!

Well, I did say that I had a lot to do, so I'll end this one here - and wish you all a wonder-full, wish-full Wednesday!



Greenhouse Glassworks said...

Wow - How wonderful to be featured on your great blog Mystic Wynd! I absolutely love your 'twin' selections.

Dancing Dolphin Pottery said...

Hello, Karen!
Wow, what wonderful twinkies you have collected here! I'm so honored that you included my pair of crop circle coffee mugs! These mugs are 'made to order' as they are personalized with names, dates and inspirational words. This very pair is now in Tokyo and were a wedding gift from the Bride's Mother. They actually survived the earthquake in Japan this year! You have a lovely blog! Thanks again! Diana Brower-CropCircleClay

Crystal said...

Great items. Love those candle holders!

Speaking of wishing for twins, I got a set on the way due within 6 weeks :)

TempoDesigns said...

I enjoyed reading your wonderful blog, Mystic Wind! I am truly honored to be mentioned in your wish list. Thank you!

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