Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wishful Wednesday - That was Zen, This is Tao

We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. 
We are spiritual beings on a human journey.
~Stephen Covey

It's important to nurture one's spiritual self, whether it's through appreciation of nature, creativity, wonder at the vastness of the universe, belief in a higher power or life force, or anything else which brings a sense of peace, fulfillment, purpose, and respect for all that is part of this experience we call life. My Wishful Wednesday selections all appealed to me for their unique energy flow... I hope you will find something that speaks to your spirit here as well!

Zen Garden, Stained Glass Wind Chimes, Hand Painted Kanji from JewelsInTheGarden

Sepia seashell art - Dunescape - 8 x 10 Photo Print from UnderTheSunPrints

Small ceramic bowl with IMAGINE and swirly starfish crop circle from CropCircleClay

Ocean Flower Mandala by mywhitevioletart

Wire Tree Of Life Spirit art sculpture Green Geode Agate by CrowsFeather

Coexist Pendant by GalwayDesigns

Nature Spirit/Fairy/Garden Angel by GoldenLightCeramics

Hopi Finger Labyrinth in Walnut by kremple

Native Spiritual Girl by RyanVanwinkle

Spring Now by ElementalEyePhoto

Blessings to you all...


1 comment:

Julie DeGroot said...

This is so Very Beautiful ~ Wonderful work everyone! Thank you Karen for including my art!

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