Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Reflections - Chasing Dreams

I'm a fan of CBS's prime time drama The Good Wife, which airs on Sunday evenings at 9 pm locally here. The background storyline is intriguing with all of its twists and turns, and the episode storylines are well written and the cast couldn't be better in my humble opinion. One of my favorite characters is Will Gardner (played by Josh Charles), one of the partners at the Lockhart Gardner legal firm. Will is a multi-dimensional character who is complex to say the least. In a recent episode, he was offered a position with another firm and the offer included the possibility (although as he later learned, remote) of becoming the baseball commissioner - a position that he has dreamed of. As the episode plays out, he realizes that there are no guarantees, and that chasing his dream with only a possibility of attaining it  would compromise him professionally and personally in ways that he simply doesn't want.  As he turns down the offer, he says, "Not everybody can pursue their dreams. Someone has to work."

Inspirational Quote - Dream beautiful dreams and then... from Lexiphilia

When I heard those words, I thought, Yeah... that is so true. While I think it's important to have dreams, I also believe it's important to realize that, for all but the very lucky, or sadly, the very corrupt, anything we hope to accomplish takes work. I read about so many shop owners and entrepreneurs and start-ups that fail because they hold on too tightly to "the dream" and forget about taking care of business along the way.  They get discouraged and many give up when their dreams don't come true right away, but the reality is that not everyone has what it takes to push themselves day in and day out to make those dreams come true. It'd be great if the attainment of dreams were a guarantee, but in the meantime, is it more important to put all of your energy into chasing your dreams, or to make the most of your reality through persistence, dedication, and hard work? I know I can count on myself, so if my dreams are achieved, I'll know hard work got me there... and I like that thought! How about you?  Will you chase your dreams - or work to make them come true?!?


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Kasi Good said...

what a beautiful post, and so true. I definitely believe in pursuing dreams, but far too often we don't realize the work involved in those dreams. Want to lose 20 pounds? It takes exercise, self-control, and persistence. Want to start a business? Plan on many late nights, early mornings, overflowing email inboxes and stress after stress after stress. Everything worth anything requires work to obtain.

Thank you for including my Dream print in your post. It always makes me smile to think that some of the words I love has or will reach someone else and inspire them a little :)

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