Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wishful Wednesday - Here's Your Sign

When I was part of the cubicle club, I used to love to walk by my coworker's cubicles and check out the (often large) variety of signage that could inevitably be found there.  Even now that I work from the comfort of a home cubicle, I still have a few ditties up - like my "Eat, Sleep, Craft" sign, and my "I geek, therefore I am" sign. I think signs can serve so many purposes -

From disseminating really important information like this favorite from my Arizona neighbors at Zed's Zombie Ranch...

Don't Piss Off the Fairies Sign from zedszombieranch

To lighthearted, yet from-the-heart subliminal suggestions to those house or garden plants, like this inspirational garden stone from WytcheHazel.

from WytcheHazel
Some can serve as much needed reminders of things we need to do - well, at least I need to do... like this Simplify sign from WordFlower...

Simplify wooden sign with vinyl letters from WordFlower

Or things it would be fun to do, like this Is It Margarita Time Yet? sign from PrimitiveSignDesign.

Is It Margarita Time Yet Tiki sign from PrimitiveSignDesign

Signs can serve a purpose to remind others of what the rules are -

12" x 24" Sign - Custom Family House Rules
from PrestigeEngraving
ALL the rules...

House Rules Art Print from DelightfulTrifles
You can get (or give) some great advice from signs...

Personalized Hardwood carved wood signs from woodwizardsigns
Ward off unwanted solicitors and visitors...

Unless You Sell Thin Mints...No Soliciting Decal from HouseHoldWords
Or even teach history...

Thousands of years ago... sign by asuresign

And sometimes, signs are just there to help you do the most important thing in life - smile when it'd be easier not to.

Deja Moo Sign from gotmojo

40 Something Stencil from OklahomaStencil

I Love You More Today... funny primitive sign from pattisprimitives

Now I'm off to go try and sell some stuff, so I can get this very appropriate sign for my very own!

Grandma & Grandpa's House... sign by 2chicksandabasket


Lonora said...

These are so great! I love all the sayings! Thank you for including me!

Zed's Zombie Ranch said...

Love the theme of silly signs! Thanks so much for including my fairy sign!

Bludart said...

I would be tempted to dedicate an entire wall of my house to hang all of those!

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