Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wishful Wednesday - Fruits of Our Efforts

I spent the better part of yesterday hanging out with my daughter and her kids, and one of the things we did for fun was to make some delicious fruit and veggie juice to take advantage of the great buys on fruit and vegetables at this time of the year, as well as to encourage some healthful snacking habits for the kids. My older granddaughter Kennedy was having a blast feeding the fruit into the juicer - asking all kinds of questions about what this fruit was or tasted like - and was so proud of the fact that *she* made yummy juice for all of us to enjoy. She's turning into quite the little hostess, making sure everyone was served, and that we all had enough!

With that experience fresh in my mind, I thought it'd be fun to have a Wishful Wednesday feature spotlighting fruit - and not necessarily just the edible or juice-able kind! Here's to the fruits of our efforts!

Encourage creativity in an even more unique way with these  awesome Fruit Scribblers from ScribblerCrayons. Created from redesigned and recycled crayon pieces, these chunky crayons are ideal for children of all ages!

I love serving fruit juice in stemware, but whether you're serving up fruit juice or your favorite fermented drinks or beverages, these adorable Fruit Wine Glass Charms from Chikipita are sure to add a bit of sunshine to the occasion!

Stained Glass panels can add so much personality to a home or place of business, and 27lauriebethbeggin has some amazing pieces including this Recycled Antique Gothic Style Panel of a Fruit Bowl.Imagine the sunlight streaming through this beauty!

Felted Fruit can be a wonderful and safe toy for your toddler to use in
imaginative play, but it can also make a fun and kitschy decor piece for your kitchen or dining room! This Felt Fruit Mix from littlefruits sure looks like it could beautifully handle either duty with ease!

Carmen Miranda would be jealous. This adorably Unique Chiquita Banana/Carmen Miranda Halloween Costume is suitable for a toddler or preschool girl and comes from DIPdesigns! Simply too cute for words, isn't it?

Perfect for your breakfast nook or your patio table, these Fruit Salad Placemats from Gleeza are bright, fun, and funky. They're sure to be a hit with the kids, and the kids at heart! 

I hope you're having a deliciously wonderful week! I'd love to hear about it!


1 comment:

Hee103 said...

Wow your daughter will be one of the best hostess~!
I love fruits and it is way better to snack some fruits than chips or other junk snacks.
Great for kids!!

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