Monday, August 1, 2011

Mixed Bag Mondays - Winging It

I'm winging it today. Oh no, don't worry. I have a definite theme in mind. I thought it might be fun to take a peek at some unusual winged creatures you're likely to find amongst the magic and mystery of handmade. Of course we're used to the usual ones - like birds, and bats, and angels and fairies. Even creatures like dragons and griffons out of the pages of mythology and fantasy won't have their turn here today. Today I'm featuring some of the even more unusual creatures that are born out of the fantastic imaginations of some very creative people in the handmade community. I think you'll be amazed by some, bewildered by others, and possibly creeped out by one or two, but I do hope you enjoy them all for their uniqueness!

"Well, kiss my grits..." and "when donkeys fly" are two catchphrases that fans of the old sitcom Alice might have heard coming out of Flo's mouth. Well, Flo - here's a donkey with wings for you!  This Flying Donkey Tote Bag is just one of several great Flying Donkey items available at artbyljgrove.

According to the Urban Dictionary, the only place you'll find flying giraffes is on the island of Sbasania - a small, invisible island somewhere in the Atlantic. Sbasania is only visible to Sbasanian citizens, or descendants of a Sbasanian citizen.  Makes me wonder if possibly someone from Stavri, where you'll find this adorable Giraffe With Wings Ring, might have some Sbasanian ancestors! ;)

Phrases like "When pigs fly," are called adynatons, a way of saying that something will never happen. Maybe pigs will fly someday and maybe they won't, but for now, this darling needle felted flying pig from MarysCollectibles will almost make you believe that there really are flying pigs. How adorable she is!

A rabbit with wings? Could such a creature really have existed? Depends on how open minded you are and willing to accept the description of just such a creature in the early encyclopedia Naturalis Historia, written by Pliny the Elder during the 1st century AD. Perhaps truth is stranger than fiction, and maybe someday, science will find proof that there was such a creature. Until then, we'll just have to be satisfied with creations like this awesome steampunk style Flying Rabbit Necklace from CosmicFirefly!

One of the signature qualities of steampunk designs is the creativity that combines components that simply would not occur together in nature or in normal timelines. The King of the Sea, an amazing steampunk pendant creation from ParadiseFindings is a perfect example of this concept. An octopus with the wings of an eagle would look somewhat like this - minus the crown of course. What a stunning piece!

Staying with the steampunk genre, I'm happy to share "Time Flies" (part of their Steampup line!) - an awesome take on steampunk fashion for man's best friend. (They must love us a lot to put up with some of the things we put our puppies through - but they're so adorable!) This steampunk doggie top hat, complete with brass regalia, and a wing will make your furry little friend the envy of the dog park! Too cute for words! You can find it along with some other amazing items for your pets at Hundchen.

Anime or Manga fans might associate this next item with the guardian creature Spinel Sun from the series CardCaptors. Also known as Spinner Sun or Suppi, this creature, in his true form, resembles a jet black panther with butterfly wings.  TillyBloom offers Panther Flies in both black and gold tone limited editions - and whichever you choose, you'll be enchanted by these whimsical cats.

If you like your cats a little bit on the tamer side, you'll probably love these Fairy Kitten Personalized Portrait Pictures available from Selectyourself. Send a photo of your favorite feline friend and they'll recreate him or her with beautiful monarch butterfly wings through the magic of digital editing. A wonderful way to portray your pet, or perhaps even honor a beloved pet who's crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Canine lovers will adore this darling one of a kind wolf dog with wings, named Hinto, by his creator at aDragonWingCreations .
Winged wolves actually have never appeared in mythology, legend, or folklore that I could find, although they are quite popular amongst fantasy artists and players of RPGs and other fantasy realm based games. Know someone who has a role as a winged wolf?  This would make a lovely keepsake for him or her!

This decidedly unique looking little creature is a... ummm... SNaRFBLAT.  Now I'm not exactly sure what a SNaRFBLAT is, or does, but this sure looks like an interesting one! He looks a bit grumpy, or maybe more sad - perhaps you'd like to give him a new home where he can sparkle and shine in the sun like all SNaRFBLATs are wont to do. He's waiting for you with his friends over at AnkleBiterBeads!

I try not to do it, but in this case I saved my favorite for last. I rediscovered a favorite shop that I haven't visited in a while and immediately re-fell in love with everything I found there, including this winged raccoon Personal Creature. Ellen, the master of magic at creaturesfromel, creates some of the most beautiful and unique creatures I've ever seen, and will even create a personal creature for anyone using your choice of animal characteristics combined to become a truly one of a kind work of art. I'm definitely saving my pennies to buy one of these one day... they are AMAZING - so be sure to check out this and all of the other shops listed here as well!

I hope you've had fun sharing my journey through the world of cryptid creationism. I love exploring the realm of fantasy - and when it achieves that little bit of overlap into reality as most of these works of art do, that's all the more appealing!

Have a great week :)



Kathryn said...

I totally enjoyed your blog! Made me laugh and giggle almost at the same time which is a talent in itself. :)
Love the Dog in Time Flies!!
Thank you for including my King Of The Sea in this well written blog. A real honor being with all these great artist and designers.
Have a Lovely Day!!

Hundchen said...

What an awesome blog!!! Thank you so much for featuring my Steampup dog Hat! :)

I love all of the other items here too, it's an honor to be included among these artists!

Hundchen Desgins

Unknown said...

What a fun collection of goodies! I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for including my flying donkey :-)

Mary said...

Thank you for including my pig in your Blog , I am so pleased you have included it :)What a nice surprise !

Ellen said...

Lovely blog.

Thank you for the kind words and inclusion of my 'coon.

All the Best,


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