Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wishful Wednesday - #2 at Two!

My second-to-the-oldest grandson will be turning 2 this Saturday, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to do some wishing with him in mind this Wishful Wednesday.

Jax is all boy, raring to go, and happy to be on the move - so I think I'll start with this darling superhero cape and mask for my little superhero.  He's also a bit of a ham when it comes to wearing anything that resembles glasses or goggles, of I can only imagine how cute he'd be showing off in this. You can find this at SDKdesigns!

Jaxson's daddy had a rocking horse when he was a little boy (all of my kids did!), and I can attest to the fact that it's a great way for little boys (or girls) to burn off some extra energy - especially on rainy days or when it's just too hot (or cold) to go to the park. I love the old-fashioned simplicity of this beautiful wooden rocking horse from RMDcreations, and this mighty steed looks like it will last a childhood and even a grandchildhood and still be ready to ride!

It seems like all the grandkids enjoy trains (perhaps it's in their blood since great, great grandpa was a railroad engineer) so when I saw this awesome wooden train set at mikebtoys, I knew I had to include it in today's post. Simple, sturdy, and no dangerous small parts to come off, makes this a great imaginative toy for children of all ages!

While the terrible twos are... well... terrible (at least in some ways), they're also an age filled with exploration of language and learning shapes and colors and so many other bits of basic knowledge that will form a solid foundation for success in later years. Puzzles are another hit in our family - and grandma and grandpa's puzzle shelf is always full of old friends and new surprises for learning under the guise of play. Tray puzzles are great for the younger grandkids, and for the toddlers, chunky wooden puzzles like this one from justhatched are ideal to exercise their hungry-for-knowledge minds.

Of course, every little guy needs a place to store his stash of toys, and snips and snails, and I love this made-to-order Race Car Toy Box from originalsbybarbmazur.  Personalized with a name and birthdate, I could see this making a great heirloom gift for a newborn, or a great place for all those keepsakes if you're looking for a use other than a toy box.

I was looking for some play clothes to include here when I ran across this listing. The product photo is a scene that plays out pretty frequently amongst all the little cousins in our family at the end of family get-togethers - and let me tell you, all of my little guys are going to be heart-breakers! I could picture Jax in this adorable denim and seersucker play set - and while most little guys balk at having to wear a hat, not Jax!  He loves 'em! So this wins my vote for an all-too-cute outfit for a lil' darling like him :) You can find it at newcomer shop, DavidsDresser.

How about your little darlings?  Do you have a favorite for them out of these choices?  Or perhaps a great toddler handmade shop you'd like to share with us?  Leave a comment and let me know!



HeadpinWear said...

What a super sweet post! And such a cutie pie for a grandson:)

Happy Birthday Jaxson

David's Dresser said...

Thanks for the feature! And of course, happy birthday to Jaxson. I hope he lives close to you.

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