Thursday, June 9, 2011

New (Baba)Moon Rising - A BESTeam Feature

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and if that's true, most of the product photos from BabaMoon would elicit words like "adorable", "darling", "angelic", and just plain "cute"! You may be familiar with Naomi Morgan, the shop owner, creative wizard, and on-the-go mom from BabaMoon who is also the magic mind behind MoonangelNay Photography and the MoonangelNay blog.

Naomi resides in Birmingham in the UK with her children and her "other half", and I have to admit here that reading her blog never fails to bring a smile to my face. She's just so animated and full of life as she recounts her experiences and reactions to everything she writes about - and every time I run across her use of words like "crikey", "chuffed", and "whilst", I smile because they're just so "British", and therefore somewhat exotic and definitely appealing to my more-than-average love of the unusual (to me)! This is a woman I think I would truly enjoy having tea and biscuits (cookies to us Americans) with!

And then there are her munchkins - those adorably cuddly, innocent, and I'm sure quite angelic, children who model Naomi's creations. I know for a fact that they've inspired women to start their maternal clocks a 'tickin, and their skills at modeling created such a stir and demand for Naomi's creations when they appeared as part of Etsy's finds that it threw Naomi's world into a bit of a tizzy when her shop became an overnight success!

So, what will you find at Babamoon? Children's fashion headwear and photo props... Yes, your standard run-of-the-mill beanies and newsboy caps, but also the most charming and imaginative bonnets and caps you've ever seen! Just click on the photos to be taken to the listings for more information!

Your moppet will look too-cute-for-words in Nay's signature animal hats -

Fresh as a daisy and radiant as a rose in her flower themed hats and accessories -

and cute as a button and pixie perfect in some of her other adorable creations...

Whether you simply want your special little one to look even more adorable, or perhaps you're looking for some great new photo props for amateur or professional photos, Babamoon is a shop you absolutely have to visit! And while you're at it, be sure to check out Naomi's offerings via all of the links listed below for some magical musings, great promotions, and the latest releases of this multi-talented young mom!

Babamoon on Etsy | MoonangelNay Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Flickr

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Crystal said...

Those hats are adorable!

Moonangelnay said...

yeeeey! thanks so much Karen this is such a lovely post! And you have me down to a T, I never go without a hot cuppa ;) lol!

Nay (Babamoon)

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