Thursday, June 23, 2011

Full TiLT - A BESTeam Feature

This week, it's my pleasure to feature a shop that I seem to feature about once a year! In 2009, I hosted a giveaway for this shop, and in 2010 I wrote an Etsybloggers team feature when the shop owner was selected as the blogger of the month for February! Earlier this year, Theresa of TiLTCreations joined my team, the Boosting Etsy Shops Team, and well, here we are, together again!

The great thing is that since the last time I did a major feature on TiLTCreations, Theresa has changed her creative direction a bit from the fantastic bags and accessories she was selling to some equally fantastic hand stitched home decor items, so I have some great new goodies to share.  With 2 energetic sons, this busy Michigan mom's life is full of experiences, whimsy, and fun for her - and that is reflected wholeheartedly in her creations.

I'm pretty sure there is not a wife anywhere in the world that wouldn't appreciate my first selection as a bathroom door ornament. I know I would - it's definitely classier than that cheezy hazmat sign I printed off a few months ago during one of Al's more "fragrant" trips to his "library". (Sorry dear, but marketing is marketing and you know how I am when I find something with a unique hidden use - I have to share with the world!) Ladies, I know you can relate - and this biohazard decor piece would make a great gag gift for your favorite guy! (Am I surprised that it comes from a woman who lives with three males?  Not a bit! I LOVE it!) A biohazard mask on top of radiation and nuclear danger symbols wrapped in barbed wire...what more can I say?!?

If you're looking for some color to accent your olive green bedroom or family room, red is opposite green on the color wheel, which makes it a perfect accent color. I love the look of this Olive Green with Reverse Red Applique Circles. It's trendy, fun, and gives a burst of vivid color to what could be a somewhat reserved color scheme!

Of course, Theresa also offers those great handmade bags, totes, and pouches at TiLTCreations, and if you hurry over, she's also having a 50% off sale on them right now! One of my favorites is this colorful Crimson, Cream and Brown Kaleidoscope pouch. I think it'd be a perfect place to stash some of those smaller items in your purse, or even for carrying a small sewing kit or first aid kid tucked away from your more commonly used items. I love the color scheme and the slightly retro theme of the fabric too!

If you live in the Wake Forest, NC area, you can find Theresa's handiwork at The Lemon Tree Shop & Cafe and in Ferndale, MI, you'll often find Theresa and her wares at The Rust Belt Market, so stop by and let her know you found her on MysticWynd!  You can also find this bundle of energy online at the links listed below - so for goodness sakes, don't wait. Check them out and be the first to find out about Theresa's crafts, kids, home, and life, as well as her latest releases and amazing promotions!

The Boosting Etsy Shops Team (BEST) is a group of Etsy sellers from around the world, representing a wide variety of crafts, products and services sold. We are team mates and we are friends, we encourage and we challenge each other to better ourselves and our businesses – and together, we are the BEST!   So, if you're an Etsy shop owner and love to blog too, stop by the BESTeam page on Etsy and check us out or stop by our team forum on ProBoards and see what we're up to!



TiLT said...

Wow - you make me sound good :) Thanks for such a wonderful feature!

Linda B said...

Great colorful items.

KC Dragonfly said...

LOVE the hazmat sign...we do know our men, don't we? ;)

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