Saturday, April 16, 2011

They Call It Mellow Yellow, Quite Rightly.

Ah, Donovan... 60's music was so unique... definitely different from any other decade! I chose the reference to the song Mellow Yellow because today's featured color, lemon chiffon, is such a mellow yellow! It's a perfect color for springtime, and with all of the other yellows of the season - particularly in flowers like daffodils, forsythia, and primrose, creates a palette of sunshiny beauty after so many long wintry days!

There was a wealth of lemon chiffon hued items to choose from, so picking just a few to share with you here was not an easy task! I do hope you enjoy my selections though!

Beautifully restyled and perfect for warm days, this romantic Lemon Chiffon vintage dress from stacyleighatelier, features antique lace and handmade chiffon rose accents. So freshly feminine and demure!

While I was still browsing in the vintage category, I also found this Delicious Lemon Vintage Purse at TheBunnyHop - perfect for toting all of those necessities on a springtime day!

Yellow has always been a popular color for spring fashions and I stuck with the vintage section for this gorgeous Vintage E Werle Chapelier PARIS pastel yellow Straw hat from 5andDimeMemories. I love the lines of the hat and the silk bow is the perfect transition, making this hat not only fun, but very classy too!

I absolutely love this whimsical Spring Floral Yellow Daily Scrabble Tile Pendant from jessejanes. It's adorable, affordable, and would be a great addition to your springtime look!

I was shopping for my oldest granddaughter's birthday presents yesterday and as I was passing by the toddler section en route to the young girl's section, I noticed the Easter dresses on display. I thought back to when my own daughter was a little girl and how much I loved dressing her in frilly, lacy dresses like this Lemon and Lace Baby Dress from RouletteVintage. Dresses like these are becoming harder and harder to find at reasonable prices, and I love shopping on Etsy for great quality buys on infant and toddler clothes. I also found this adorable Duck Duck... sweater there for your little guy to wear when the Easter Bunny is in town! Too cute for words!

Mother's Day is coming up soon and if your mom loves yellow, you are in luck when it comes to finding her the perfect present on Etsy. 

HandPaintedPetals offers an amazing selection of beautiful keepsake boxes, glassware, hat boxes, birdhouses, and other home decor items and paper goods. One of the first items that caught my eye was this Soft Yellow Chiffon Keepsake Box with Pale Blue Roses. Featuring two tray inserts, a mirror, and plenty of space for jewelry and/or trinkets, I think just about any mom would be thrilled to receive one of these lovelies!
If you love to give mom a bouquet of her favorite flowers on Mother's Day but wish you could make it a little more special, consider buying a vase like this Pale Yellow Vase with Swirls and Dots by marymeestudio and adding a few of her favorite blooms. She'll enjoy the flowers and have a lovely and unique keepsake of the day!

Having never been much of a tea drinker earlier in life, I'm finding myself truly relishing herbal teas lately. The grandgirls have all enjoyed playing tea party when they join me for fun at grandma's house - and I'm thinking the time is coming when I may have to break down and buy a tea set for some "just the girls" afternoon tea fun complete with dressing up and enjoying a lovely cup of tea and some crumpets! Whether you have a group of girls to enjoy tea time with or simply like to steep a pot for your own pleasure, there are some great tea sets available. In keeping with the theme of the day, I found this Antique Lipton Teapot Creamer and Sugar Bowl in Light Yellow at sumantiques. Simply gorgeous, don't you agree? I'll bet this would bring back some fun memories for your mom or grandmother this Mother's Day!

Last in the collection, but by no means least, for the special "mom" in your life who loves to knit or crochet, NoTwoSnowflakes is serving up this delicious Chiffon Pie Hand Dyed 50/50 Merino Wool Silk Fingering Sock Weight Yarn in Pale Lemon Meringue. The soft and subtle variations in color combined with the ultra softness of this blend will help her creation look all the more luxurious and elegant!

Here in Arizona, the weather is starting to warm up and we've been finding ourselves looking for healthy cool treats to enjoy again. Since discovering my sensitivity to sugars that bring on a histamine reaction as well as dealing with thyroid issues, I'm finding that to be able to enjoy most desserts, I'll have to start getting back to making my own so I can be ultra careful about what goes into them. Since "real" cheesecake is calorie and sugar prohibitive, I've been looking through old recipes for things I could easily adapt to my needs. I think this recipe is a winner, both in taste and nutritional values. I happen to love the tartness of lemon, so I'm giving the lemon version here, but this would lend itself beautifully to just about any yogurt/jello flavor combination!

Frozen Lemon Chiffon Cheesecake Pie

6 oz. Fat Free/sugar free Yogurt (Lemon, or any flavor to match the Jello)
1 box. Sugar Free Jello mix (same flavor as yogurt).
6 oz fat free or lowfat whipped cream cheese
2 tbsp of sugar substitute
8 oz. Fat Free Cool Whip
1/4 c. water
1 Reduced Fat Graham Cracker Crust


Boil water, add Jello mix and stir until dissolved.
Whisk yogurt into jello.
Blend whipped cream cheese with sugar substitute and blend into jello/yogurt mixture.
Fold in Cool Whip.
Pour into pie shell and refrigerate (or freeze for a frosty treat on hot summer days!)

Number of Servings: 8




Stacy Leigh said...

So lovey!! Yellow is the prettiest color! Thanks for featuring my vintage slip dress.

PussDaddy said...

I love yellow but I can't wear it unfortunately.


Simply Smitten said...

Such a soft and soothing color, I love that keepsake box. We don't do sugar in my house by choice, if you're ever looking for recipes, I've got tons of goodies to share! :)

mysticwynd said...

My pleasure, Stacy Leigh! Love your shop :)

PD - I'm in the same boat, although I can get away with brighter or deeper shades occasionally!

Simply Smitten - I love that box too, but I'm a huge fan of tole painting! Bring on the recipes or point me in the right direction - I've given up pretty much on any prepared food. Sugar pops up in the craziest places - like baked potato crisps... go figure! It's going to be the 'from scratch' life for me, methinks!

Simply Smitten said...

I've got a whole pdf file full of my recipes. I keep meaning to list it in my Etsy shop, but I just find myself sharing it with anyone and everyone looking for healthy recipes! I do all of our cooking from scratch, so I've accumulated quite the stash. If you'd like me to send you the file, just visit my Etsy shop and leave me your email address. I'd love to share! :) Sugar does pop up in the strangest (and most unnecessary places) Beware of artificial sweeteners though, they really wreak havoc on the body. Really enjoying your posts lately. :)

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