Monday, April 11, 2011

Serene Green

There's this neat site that I use as a resource for some of my color theme ideas called Colour Lovers. Anyone can go there and create a color palette and name the colors anything they'd like to or, if you're looking for a specific color you can go there and find out what others are calling it. Serenity Teal Green had come up as a featured color and I fell in love with its soft, dreamy, serene color and knew I wanted to include it on my blog.

Not exactly an easy color to find in the handmade world, this shade of green has some blue undertones as well as grey undertones, so I tried all sorts of combinations of green, teal, and grey/gray to find some fitting items - I hope you'll like my choices!

LangeVintage offers up this stylish vintage 1980s Lolila Lempicka Jacket with a a figure defining fitted cut. This would work beautifully with a solid black skirt or slack for winter as well as white or ecru skirt or slacks for warmer weather.

This striking clutch from LouisaDesigns features this same great shade of green highlighted by a slightly lighter geometric design. I love the sleek lines and the simple snap closure.

Lightweight scarves featuring airy knit or crocheted stitches are a beautiful accessory no matter what the season.  Created in 100% silk, this soft and subtle Sea Mist Silk Scarf design from ScarfRunner is breathtakingly beautiful!

Pale green aventurine teardrops are wire wrapped and set to dangle from lovely round earwires in this exclusive earring design from Gilliauna.

At my own shop, MysticWynd, you'll find my interpretation of tidal pool treasures in this aptly named necklace - Tidal Pool Necklace in Blues and Greens.

Eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils provide the scent, nutrient rich sea salt provides a gentle exfoliative and goat's milk and coconut oil provide skin softeners in this wonderful soap from the goatmilksoapshop.

This ivory against green floral vine fabric proves that this shade is equally lovely as a interior decor accent color. ModernMarvelousHome offers this great pillow cover - just one of many great color and fabric choices in their array of designer pillow covers. A perfect way to spruce up your current look or create a whole new look with minimal expense!

Late spring and early summer are the most popular time of year to finalize those moving plans. Make sure that everyone knows you've changed locations with these darling "We've Moved" postcards from ChrissyWatson.

FleurBonheur is one of my very favorite shops on Etsy, and I'm always thrilled when I can feature one of her pieces of digital artistry on my blog or in a treasury. Her vision of the Snow Queen is simply intoxicating and the undertones were a perfect fit for this today's study in color.

That's it for today - thanks for stopping by to see some of these serene greens!  Please don't forget to leave a comment and let these artisans know how much you appreciate their work!



Simply Smitten said...

What a soft and lovely color. That necklace of yours is full of gorgeous beads and detail, beautiful. Also love the soap, probably smells delish, and thankfully it's 'missing' all the dangerous, synthetic chemicals, a very nice find! :)

averilpam said...

That is a lovely soft green colour, I'd call it light sage green, you've found some beautiful things!

LouisaDesigns said...

I love your blog it is well done and really beautiful.
Thank you for including my clutch.

Gilliauna said...

What a wonderful feature and I love the color too! Thank you so much for including our earrings. *Smile*

- Gilliauna

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