Monday, April 18, 2011

Forever in Blue Jeans

Denim is the topic of the day and I have to admit that I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to jeans - I prefer good old fashioned blue jeans to any other color. Must be that 60's/70's thing again - seems like everything that was denim was blue back then. i've never lost my appreciation for jeans either - especially since I was the only one of my siblings that was ever allowed to wear them. I guess it pays to be the baby of the family and quite a bit younger than my brother and sister. Mom just didn't think they were "appropriate" for young ladies or lads unless you lived on a farm. By the time 1970 rolled around, blue jeans were everywhere and part of everything, from elephant bell bottoms to jean purses and jean jackets...and they were here to stay! Lucky for us!

Search for denim or blue jeans on Etsy and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the great variety of items you'll find of this great fabric - here are some of my favorites from my window shopping trip!

Pair this great denim shirtwaist with a pair of your favorite boots and head out to the honky-tonk for the time of your life! From hobbyco, this Vintage 80's 'Cowgirl' Western style blue denim, sz. 8, split skirt dress is as versatile and stylish now as it was back in the 80's!

Denim makes a great, extremely durable fabric for any item that can be subjected to wear and tear - including purses and totes. I had a blue jean purse in high school that I was still using almost 10 years later, and right now I have a denim hobo bag that I've used for over 10 years. And the best thing is that they wash and wear as well as a pair of jeans! I love the flowery embroidery on this tote from jeanstbags - this would be just the bag for that Saturday shopping trip or Friday night art walk.

If you're looking for something really decadent and unique, how about a gorgeous piece of wearable art from 2girlsdesigned? This denim jacket is just one of their amazing creations and they're just waiting to work with you on something one of a kind that perfect for you!

You can literally wear your heart on your sleeve - okay, on your wrist - with this darling denim heart locket bracelet from maidendenim. How fun is that?

Can't leave the little ones out - and denim anything for children is wonderful simply because it washes and wears well. I love this adorable jumper and tee from LILGIRLCA. The doggy applique is adorable and you can easily go from warm to cool weather by simple swapping the tee out with one of your own long sleeved tees or turtlenecks.

You or your lil' guy will love this new friend, Little Joe. This OOAK denim bear from NeedaCritter even has a pocket just perfect for those snips and snails! Be careful though, because he's not quite toddler safe since he has small plastic components! He would make a lovely on-the-shelf decoration for your nursery, however!

If you like denim for home decor, you'll love these next two items. The first is a lovely patchwork pillow created from recycled jeans and embellished with bright red trim and a heart within a heart design is offered by SunStitchedDesigns. A simple but sweet touch for any room in your home.

Stay comfortable all night long sleeping under this great queen size patchwork quilt from jeanoligy. Recycled blue jeans in a variety of colors have been backed with soft fleece - and the quilt even comes with two matching pillow cases to complete the look. Perfect for your rustic or casual bedroom theme!

I had to check and see if there were any denim journals available since I love giving and getting journals! I wasn't disappointed :) iheartcharlie offers several denim journal slip covers in a number of styles, but this was my favorite. I love the pleats and the closure, and it even comes with a spiral bound visual journal to get you started!

That's it for today, my blue jean babies! I hope you liked my selections - did you have a favorite? I'd love to hear if you did, so don't be shy - please leave a comment :)



HeadpinWear said...

Love the jacket, very detailed! The Bracelet is very cool also :)

Simply Smitten said...

I'm a jean lover myself, oh so comfy! I love the bag, but adore that journal cover! Had to take a closer look at both! :)

jamie said...

Thanks so much for showcasing one of my denim jackets. Each one is unique and hand painted.

Thanks again!!!!!

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