Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Class Menagerie

Over the years, we've definitely had our share of pets. Childhood gave me cats, a bird, a turtle, a dog, sea monkeys, fish, and even some white mice, while my children had their own opportunities with dogs, fish, birds, gerbils, a rabbit, african tree frogs, and (on a very temporary basis) several terrariums filled with my younger son's one-time girlfriend's pet snakes, including a very eerie albino snake. (BTW, I happen to find snakes very cool - much to my children's dismay the first time they saw me handling an 8 foot boa constrictor at the zoo many years ago!)

In addition to our past menageries, I love horses, am intrigued by lizards, would love to have a salt water aquarium, and keep fighting an urge to buy the grandkids their own hermit crabs (at least for a couple more years!) Pets quickly become members of the family and as such, most pet owners are inclined to treat them as such with all of the care, goodies and amenities that are bestowed on more human-type family members. With this in mind, I searched the aisles of Etsy for a variety of healthy, fun, and useful items to fill your favorite pet friend's world with just a little more class! Enjoy :)

Partial to parakeets? Captivated by canaries? Fascinated by finches? Budgies your bag?  Your feathered friends will crow over this Parakeet Budgie size BaseBall Game Toy for Small birds from AbeekaToy!

If you're one of the nearly 50 million dog owners in the US or anywhere else, chances are good you lavish a lot of love on your canine companion. Now your doggie diva can live a dog's life in a great new fleece lined bed from DownUnderDogDesigns like this one - and it's even got a waterproof base so you can use it outdoors as well!

Indulge a feline friend with an organic catnip cat toy from my friend Linda's shop - AllAboutCats. Darwin the Duckling will have your pal purring with delight and is one of this shop's catnip toys that would be perfect for your kitty's Easter backet full of treats!

Fishcribz is a new shop on Etsy and they get an A+ in my book for coming up with a great new way to display fish! These basic aquariums (you add the landscaping) are shaped like a house, allowing you to design your very own scene, adding some landscaping to create a mansion for your mollies, a gathering place for your guppies, a dance club for your danios, or even an office building for your oscars. What a fun idea!

Horses are magnificent creatures and one thing that any farrier will tell you is important in keeping your horse honey happy is making sure their hooves are clean and healthy. A horse without healthy hooves is a very unhappy creature indeed. One of the most important tools the horse owner should have is a hoof pick and this Horseshoe Hoof Pick from DustyMustang is a beauty!

Small rodents like mice, rats, gerbils, and hamsters, as well as more exotic mammals like ferrets  love to have soft warm nests to spend their time in. TheCozyFerret offers a wide selection of items like this great set including a hammock, sleep sack, and cushy nesting bed for your little critter to cozy up in.

Terrarium dwellers like lizards, snakes, frogs, crabs, and turtles can live in habitats that lend style to your home as well. AFurnitureFetish can create a custom terrarium and base similar to the one shown above or your specifications that will blend beautifully with your living space! Many of these little critters love to climb as well, so if yours does, they might enjoy this natural hemp hammock from CamillesChoice (below).

All of our pet pals deserve great treats - to supplement their nutrition, to maintain great dental health, and as a reward for good behavior. Luckily, there is a growing movement towards high quality, organic treats like these...

Small furries will enjoy this gift box of goodies from Thedewhopinn. While it's called a Gerbil's delight and your gerbils will love the dried fruit, apple twigs, and pine cones that are included, it's perfect for hamsters, rabbits, and any number of other small furry friends.

We're hearing about how important omega oils are to heart health and the same goes for our pets - with the added benefit of leaving their coats shiny and healthy with less dryness and irritation. Help keep your dog, cat, or ferret healthier with omega-3 rich treats like these all natural Ocean omega skins from Etsy newcomer Noahsarkpettreats. They'll love you for it!
Seed and nut lovers like birds or squirrels will enjoy these bird seed treats from Onawingandapurr - they contain the seeds that are perfect for your indoor pets or outdoor friends, and are easily hung from a branch or perch with a simple to use pipecleaner hanger.
It's always a great idea to make sure your pet is tagged with id and contact information, so if you have a pet that sports a collar or harness of any sort, be sure to keep its tag updated with a great tag like the ones you'll find at HappyTags. With tags ranging in size from 3/4" to 1.5", their personalized tags will fit most pets and come in a great variety of colors and styles - and they provide a little extra sense of security and insurance in the event that your beloved pet temporarily forgets where home is!

Having a pet is no doubt an extra bit of work and takes the same level of commitment that taking care of any living creature does, but the rewards are amazing.  It's been proven time and again that having a pet can be helpful in dealing with depression, reduces stress and improves cardiovascular health, teaches young children responsibility, and provides companionship and unconditional love. If you have a pet, you already realize this... if you're contemplating getting a pet, read up to learn everything you can about the type of animal you want to adopt, be sure that you're ready to make the commitment, and then take the plunge. Pets are wonderful!



our home to yours said...

a fish condo, hahaha
- ourhometoyours

mysticwynd said...

Don't you just love the concept - and the possibilities!!! I know I do! But then, I'd have a whole village set up before I knew it! SIM-fish village :) This one is hitting my wish list for sure!

Linda said...

You picked out some wonderful items.
I love the ferret accessories!
All About Cats

Simply Smitten said...

Wow, tons of great stuff! We have more than our share of pets too, and some of these goodies would come in handy! :)

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Wow, the fish house is amazing -- I'd have so much fun with that! And I want to live in the hamster cage it looks so comfy!! And, of course, Oliver would love the ducky...


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