Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blowin' Her Cover - A BESTeam Feature

Cathy is a perfectionist.

There... I've said it!

Sorry, Cathy - I know you asked that no one blow your cover, but I couldn't help myself!

Perfectionism aside, Cathy Tuggle of HeadpinWear, and my teammate on the BEST, is one of the sweetest and friendliest people you'd ever want to know.  While it's true that her perfectionism comes in handy during her day job of auditing incoming shipments of cars from overseas, that same attention to detail is an awesome attribute to have when you're designing the lovely styles of jewelry that Cathy seems most comfortable with.

Living in the waterfront city of Benicia, California, with her husband and son, this jewelry buff is surrounded by a wealth of artists and artisans, since Benicia is an internationally known arts district - promoting the talents of an extensive array of artists from glass artisans to wood turners, as well as jewelry artists like Cathy.

Living in California tends to be synonymous with beachfronts, since there are few places in the state that are more than a few hours away from the Pacific, so it didn't surprise me that one of the first pieces I fell in love with at HeadpinWear had a beach theme. Combining the beauty of genuine tidal pool blue larimar nuggets with freshwater pearls, Austrian crystals, and pewter shell accents, this necklace design showcases a beautiful whitewashed brass starfish - the perfect accessory for that gauzy summer sundress as you take a moonlight stroll with your honey along the beachfront. Did you know that larimar is associated with the ancient mythical land of Atlantis? Or that it's believed to have the power to help one calm the stress of day to day life? It's definitely a beautiful stone and this is a beautiful necklace!

If you're more the type that loves earth tones in blue-greens, browns, and coppers - and the unique effect achieved when stones mix with crystal and wood, you're sure to love this next piece. Featuring rutilated and smoky quartzes, as well as Austrian crystals and imported Bayong wood beads, this bracelet has just a hint of copper to add a warm glow. I think this would add an amazing touch of style and panache to every ensemble from jeans and a tee for that weekend shopping trip, to that great business suit that you bought for that important presentation!

Sometimes it's fun to go for something a little edgy, even if your usual style is a bit on the simple side. I love these lodolite earrings because they fit that bill perfectly. Embracing the current gothic trends, but swanky and sultry enough for the likes of Greta Garbo, this earring set features three loops of antiqued brass chain swaying seductively beneath artfully handwrapped lodolite rounds. Definitely a compliment generator!

Three lovely selections, three distinctive styles, three opportunities to add a bit of diversity to your jewelry collection with one of Cathy's one-of-a-kind designs. HeadpinWear is full of variety, texture, and color, and Cathy's attention to detail will leave you assured that your purchase will be beautiful for many years to come!

If you'd like to learn more about Cathy and her world, be sure to visit her blog - and if you'd like to be the first to learn about her latest and greatest deals and promotions, be sure to follow her on Facebook and Twitter too!  You can find the links below.




HeadpinWear said...

Wow, blowing my cover, I dont know what to say!
I guess I can handle, that the word is out now :)
Actually I have been looking forward to your feature on "me"!
I've seen how you write your features, and I was wondering what you might "pull out of your hat" for mine.
I can honestly say, this feature is far better then a rabbit!
Thank you so much.
BTW, my sweetness and kindness goes to those who are deserving, people like you, and ALL the other members of the BESTeam. What a great group of fun, intelligent, creative, (and the list could on, but I don't want to take your whole page), people!

Nezzy said...

Woohoo!!! Yet another wonderful link to check out. Girl, this Ozark Farm Chick is in seventh Heaven!!!

The Jewelry is just beautiful...dang if I don't have a drawer full and don't have a spot for any more beautiful baubles!!!

God bless ya'll from the happy hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!!

roseworksjewelry said...

Beautiful work!

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