Saturday, February 19, 2011

Think Pink! (Well, with a Little Touch of Purple to It!)

I know you were expecting to see this post yesterday, but I've had the "bug" all week and while I was trying to stay on top of things up until yesterday, I simply crashed last night. I'll beg your forgiveness and ask you to enjoy this feature of light fuchsia pink now - and come back before too long with some mint green in honor of chocolate mint day!

In order to make up for my transgression, I thought I'd add a bit of fun to these features, so I'll be including some fun facts about colors in the form of trivia questions along with each item. You can find the answers by clicking on the blank space at the end of each question and dragging your mouse or cursor to the right so the answer will magically appear! First of all, let's see if you'll be feeling "in the pink" once you're done with this quiz!

The 1986 cult classic Pretty in Pink had this star from a current hit TV series harboring a hidden crush on a young Molly Ringwald. Was this star: a) Neil Patrick Harris; b) Jon Cryer; or c) Patrick Dempsey c) Phil "Duckie" Dale was played by Jon Cryer, costar of Two and a Half Men

Girls big wooden jewelry keepsakes Box - It's a butterflies kind of day by jolinne

Most of us enjoy a refreshing glass of pink lemonade to cool us off on a hot summer's day - and that pink coloring comes from simple red food coloring added to regular lemonade. But... originally, Native Americans created pink lemonade by mixing water with the crushed berries of this tree, and then sweetening the mixture with maple syrup. These berries came from what type of tree? a) red sumac; b) raspberry; c) redhaw hawthorne. a) red sumac

ROSE PRINCESS TUTU and Matching Headband-2pc SET - NB to 5T by littledreamersinc

In the series of hit comedy movies, bumbling Inspector Clousseau was always hot on the trail of the Pink Panther. Was the Pink Panther : a) a thief; b) a pink diamond containing a flaw in the shape of a panther; or c) a priceless sculpture of a pink panther believed to be filled with a secret treasure. b) a pink diamond containing a flaw in the shape of a panther

Pomegranate shea butter bath bomb by burntmill

In her Material Girl video, Madonna wore a pink dress copied from a movie wardrobe dress worn by this famous sex symbol/actress of the 1950's. This blonde bombshell was: a) Jayne Mansfield b) Lana Turner; c) Marilyn Monroe. c) Marilyn Monroe

Hand dyed Silk scarf wrap Cherry Blossom by nafanyafelt

American-born songwriter, recording artist, and entertainer known to her fans simply as P!nk was born a) Alecia Beth Moore; b) Alison Elizabeth Morrison; or c) Alyce Bethany Morgan

Baby Pink Skinny Belt With Gold Heart Buckle by ByTheBelt

True or false? If you're swimming down a river and a pink dolphin leaps out of the water in front of you, you'd better get to a hospital because you're hallucinating. False! Pink dolphins are found in the fresh waters of the Amazon river in South America. Now, if you're anywhere else in the world...
Earrings Pink Stripe Hollow Lampwork Crystal Sterling Silver - Spun Sugar by GlassRiverJewelry

True or false? Pink has always been the color of choice for baby girls in Western World society. False! Prior to the 1940's, pink was the color assigned for young boys, and blue was the color assigned for young girls.

Baby Pink Daisy Flower Ring by youaremysunshine

In Thailand, colors have many customs and superstitions associated with them. In fact, each day of the week is assigned a specific color. Pink is assigned to this day : Tuesday!

Vintage Pretty Pink Peep Toe from WayfaringMagnolia

The color pink as it is known today is a member of the red color family somewhere between red and white. Originally, the color pink referred to a color in what color family? a) same as now - red! b) yellow; c) brown b) yellow!

Pink Daisy Hand Painted Light Switchplate Cover by LeilasLoft

General Motors estimates that it has built over 100,000 signature pink luxury cadillacs for this company. Is the company a) Flamingo Resorts and Casinos; b) Victoria's Secret; or c) Mary Kay Cosmetics? c) Mary Kay Cosmetics

Handblown Light Fuchsia Vase from France from frenchdip

In 1957, Country & Western star Marty Robbins had a hit with the song "A White Sport Coat And A Pink _________"? a) Cadillac; b) Hankie for Her Tears; c) Carnation c) Carnation

Light Pink Ornate Vintage Style Picture Frame 5X5.5 by nicolesuder

Legendary supergroup Pink Floyd's musical magic spanned over 35 years of active recording and their legacy continues to influence musicians the world over. This group actually had their beginnings in a sextet called a) Blackhill Enterprise; b) Sigma 6; c) The Searchers b) Sigma 6

Skulls pink roses, zippered pouch, key leash by HautTotes

So, how'd you do? Leave a comment and let me know! Hope you liked my selections - be sure to stop by all of the shops for some beautiful buys!


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