Friday, February 11, 2011

Let's Go To Gramme's House - A BESTeam Feature

What do/did you love most about going to your Grandma's house? The treats she always had waiting? Listening to stories about your parents when they were kids? I'll bet some of you might say that it was because no matter what you wanted or needed, it seemed like Grandma had just the thing to fit the bill. Well, that's kind of what my visit to Gramme's House (aka pecanieregirl on Etsy) was like. If it can be made with needle and thread or sewing machine, chances are that this Gramme has it - or is willing to work with you to make something special just for you!

Debbie (aka Gramme) is a hospice nurse from Livonia, Louisiana who is hopelessly hooked on sewing and machine embroidery when she's not doing patient care or spending time with her family. Her monogrammed and personalized apparel, accessories, and gifts are custom made just for you - and you'll find a little bit of everything in her shop - baby and toddler clothes, key fobs and tissue covers, totes and organizers, and even some darling special occasion items.

Babies are precious, but new parents soon learn that you can never have enough bibs or burp cloths - or that diaper bags are simply a necessary new addition to your everyday gear. Might as well be stylin... For girls, treat the parents-to-be with this adorable Birdie Personalized Bib and Burp Cloth Set, while they'll appreciate this darling Giraffe Bib and Burp Cloth Set if they're thinking "Thank heaven for little boys!" All of Debbie's great diaper bags, including the lovely
Black Damask Set pictured below, can be personalized with a name or monogram.

For the little ones, there's dresses and play clothes galore - your only problem will be deciding on which ones you want! I think this Applique Onesie with Red Stripe Tie & Black Suspenders is just too cute for words... and the Fleur de lis A-line dress? Simply scrumptious... your little moppets will be the talk of the daycare or playtime set in these great duds!

If you're fortunate, your young child's early involvement in sports and dance and other group activities will follow them through their teens and into adulthood, but along the way, there's ALL THAT EQUIPMENT!!!! Help them keep everything neat and ready to grab with super bags like this Black Canvas Tote bag with Embroidery Ballet Slippers for your future prima ballerina, or this roomy Personalized Canvas Camo Duffel Bag for your future All-star!

I don't think that we ever outgrow our enjoyment of fun, pretty, and useful accessories - so Gramme's got the grown-ups covered too! (Did you expect any less??) Ladies, you'll love this bright and cheery Personalized 3 piece cosmetic bag (check out the listing to see how perfect this truly is!), while the guys will never grumble again about packing a weekday lunch or fishing trip snacks in one of these Personalized insulated lunch totes in a manly (but girls like it too!) Camo print.

You'll find all sorts of other treasures when you visit Gramme's House (pecanieregirl) on Etsy, so be sure to stop by and take a peek. You can also find pecanieregirl in these places on the web -

Her Blog/Facebook/Twitter

Enjoy your visit!


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