Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm?

Then again, why would you want to? I'm talking about the amazing farm animal themed treats that you'll find in abundance throughout the handmade and vintage world. Here's just a few of the wonderful items I found for this feature!

Mary was a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb... Okay, I don't know if her name is Mary, but I can bet your little lambkin would look just as adorable in this way too cute hat from BabaMoon!

It doesn't take a lot of horse sense to realize what an amazingly talented artist Andrea Gianchiglia from agillustration** is...
"Portrait of a Horse"

These aren't the flying variety, but these polymer clay pigs from kingaer** are definitely adorable!

MUMPS pigs 3D earrings

And just think, he's only 16 years away from wanting the keys to the car!

Wear this great pendant from StickManJewelry and you'll have something to crow about every morning!

Mooooo-vin right along, your little one will love these darling cow sneakers from JLPerillo, and the best part is that the laces won't come untied!

I'm curious - what's your favorite farm animal? I'd have to say mine are horses... Leave me a note and let me know!


**denotes an undiscovered or underdiscovered shop!


our home to yours said...

I just love those cow sneakers. I use to collect cows, but had to stop because EVERYONE was giving me cow stuff till my whole house was covered in spots, lol.
- ourhometoyours

Sesenarts said...

That little sheep bonnet is just too cute!

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